Go Battle Day: Marill in Pokemon Go is a day dedicated to cute aquatic-type Pokémon and the Go Battle League.

To celebrate the launch of the Go Battle League leaderboard, Go Battle Day: Marill gives you the opportunity to prepare for the return of Great League battles. You will get as reward multiple Marills.

Azumarill, the evolution of Marill, has the potential to be a strong contender in the Grand League. But then you have to train the Pokémon well.


Go Battle Day: Explain Marill’s Date and Time in Pokémon Go

Go Battle Day: Marill is on the move Sunday April 12 in Pokémon Go.

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During this day, there is a special event similar to a three hour community day, which takes place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You earn several rewards during these three hours.

Go Battle Day: Marill is among other things to celebrate the launch of the Go Battle League leaderboard.

Go Battle Day: Explain Marill Rewards in Pokémon Go

During the day, you have the option to complete twenty rounds of Go Battle League battles, instead of the usual five. This means that you can participate in a total of 100 battles on the day of the Battle of Go: Marill.

During the three hour period, Marill appears more regularly as a reward for victories in the Go Battle League.

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If you have a Premium Battle Pass, Marill is your reward for every battle you win. If you are on the base reward track, you will only receive Marill for your first and third winnings.

By the way, if you decide to catch Wild Marills, you get twice as much Stardust as a reward. This evolves your captured Marills much faster.

By the way, all of these rewards don’t affect any other Pokémon you come across as you move up the Go Battle League leaderboard.

Everything you need to know about Marill in Pokémon Go

Marill is a water and fairy-type Pokémon, evolving into Azumarill at one point. The Pokémon was introduced with Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver. For a long time, Marill was just an Aquatic-type Pokémon, but that changed with Gen 6.

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During the third generation, the baby Pokémon for Marill was introduced. Azurill, along with Wailmer and Kecleon, was one of the first Gen 3 Pokémon to be revealed in 2001.

The reason Marill was chosen for the first Go Battle Day is due to Azumarill’s popularity for its Grand League fights. Marill’s evolution has strong attacks, like Ice Beam. Azumarill thus increases your chances of victory.

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