Niantic is taking additional steps to ensure a good Pokémon Go home gaming experience during a COVID-19 pandemic.
“We founded Niantic with the mission of getting people out, moving and exploring the world,” he says. ” […] We have always believed that our games can also contain elements for playing at home that complement the DNA of our products – research and travel. Now is the time to prioritize working on it. ”
In the days and weeks to come, product development will change to provide even more options for home gamers. This includes various aspects, which Niantic sums up as follows:
  • Movement: We will be making improvements to the Adventure Sync feature to make it even better for movement and activities within your four walls. This means that home sports activities can already unlock in-game achievements.
  • Social: We will improve our virtual social functions in the game so that you can stay in touch even if this is no longer possible in real life. We’re going to create a way for you to join Pokémon GO Raids with your friends from your home.
  • Research: We’re currently working on how we might allow players to visit their favorite places in the virtual world and share their memories with others – until they can visit them again in person.
  • Live Events: We are working on new formats and opportunities to give players the chance to attend a Niantic Live Event this summer. We use our creative energy to bring the feeling and excitement of a live event right to your home. This means that we are working on a whole new approach to Pokémon GO Fest. Details will follow soon!
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To support players in the current situation, useful items have recently been offered in monoblock packs; a new one is available today. There were also other measures.
And such measures are also implemented in other Niantic Harry Potter titles: Wizards Unite and Ingress.
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