Pokémon Go Pikachu – Pokemon Go Birthday

As if this summer was no longer exciting for Pokémon Go players, Niantic announced in a special event for the first anniversary of Pokémon Go on July 6th, in which you will be able to catch the Pikachu with Ash’s hat.

Like previous versions, in which Pikachu had a Santa hat or a party hat, these special Pikachus will not be available forever.

In addition, there are also the Birthday Boxes, a special item that will be available for a limited time, so we will explain to you what you can find in these boxes, among other things.

When does the Pokémon Go Anniversary special event end?

The charismatic Pikachu will be available on Pokémon Go between the 6th and the 24th of July, so make sure you catch this little creature before the special event is over.

Pokémon Go Pikachu – Pokemon Go Birthday

Although the Pikachu with Christmas hat has been available for longer than was estimated, we recommend that you catch the Pikachu as soon as you can, as it is most likely that this Pokémon will disappear after the 24th of July.

What do we know about Pikachu with Ash’s hat in Pokémon Go?

In addition to the dates previously mentioned, and the fact that all wild Pikachus will wear this special hat, Niantic has not yet officially confirmed further details. However, we can assume that this special pokémon will work in the same way as all previous special pikachus, so we can also assume that the following information is true:

Pokémon Go Pikachu – Pokemon Go Birthday

  • In the previous special events, we found that Pikachu appeared more often, and in places that we had never seen before. These creatures will continue to be rare, but if you continue to walk in an area that has many Pokémon, you should find one of these special Pikachus.
  • Pikachu will keep the hat if it evolves into Raichu. So if you are a collector, we recommend that you pick up two of these pikachus – one to evolve, and the other to keep you as a Pikachu. If you need to catch Candy to evolve your Pikachu, check out our Guide on how to catch Candy easily, and how Rare Candy works.
  • The Pikachus Nests will likely have Ash’s hat, as confirmed by some Reddit users at other events.
  • If this event is like the previous ones, Ditto will not transform into a Pikachu with an Ash hat. Confirmed by a diligent Reddit user, this means that if you attack a Gym where you find a Pikachu in Ash’s hat, Ditto will just become a normal Pikachu.
  • The changes in Pikachu are cosmetic only, and all stats for this creature will remain the same.

Pokémon Go Birthday Boxes – what can you win with these special boxes?

In conjunction with the limited edition Pikachu, Pokémon Go will also introduce a special item during its first anniversary celebrations: the Birthday Boxes. So, what are Birthday Boxes and how can you get one?

  • What are Birthday Boxes? – these boxes are exclusive to the in-game store and have several useful items. In addition, they will be available at a reduced price for a limited time.
  • What does Birthday Boxes contain? – lots of useful items! Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls, and a Raid Pass for each box.

The fact that these special items will be sold at a “reduced price” for a “limited time”, suggests that the Birthday Boxes should stay in the game after this special event ends, although they are likely to be sold at a higher price. However, these are just suspicious, so we will have to wait and see what happens.

For now this is all the information we have about Pikachu with Ash hat and Birthday Boxes, so be on the lookout for Pikachus during your Pokémon journey!

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