The Legendary Rainbow Pokémon I Oh is back Pokémon Go!

You can catch it in Five Star Raids this weekend as part of a Raid Weekend.

To do this you need help from other trainers, of course, so come together and grab it – hopefully, also in stunning copy!

Counterattacks and Ho-Oh Weaknesses in Pokémon Go

A dazzling ho-oh.

Here are the counters and weaknesses that will help you overcome Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go.

  • Type Ho-Oh: Fire and theft
  • Ho-Oh is weak against: Electricity, rock and water
  • Ho-Oh Counterattack: Geowaz, Amoroso, Garados, Despotar, Regirock, Rihornior, Elevoltek and Melmetal
  • Other comments on Ho-Oh: It’s a good idea to focus on strong rock-type Pokémon rather than relying on water. Only switch from rock to another type if absolutely necessary.

Ho-Oh KP in Pokémon Go

Ho-Oh should have the following KP values ​​in the game:

  • Raid Boss KP – 50,064 KP
  • Maximum HP when catching ho-oh – 2,207 KP
  • Maximum HP when catching Ho-Oh with weather reinforcement (windy or sunny) – 2,759 KP

Ho-Oh attacks in Pokémon Go

Ho-Oh can learn a number of different attacks in Pokémon Go:


Possible immediate attacks:

  • Special sensor (psycho)
  • Power reserve (normal)
  • Steel wing (steel)

Possible loading attacks:

  • Diving (flight)
  • Firestorm (fire)
  • Solar beam (plant)

Everything we know about Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh made his first appearance in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Along with Lugia, it was one of the first Legendary Pokémon to be used as a mascot for a Pokémon game in the main series and was featured on the packaging of Pokémon Gold.

Ho-Oh is also the only Legendary Pokémon that can be captured in all games of its generation. You can find it on top of the steeple in Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

The Legendary Pokémon is a clear allusion to a phoenix and that inspiration carries over into Ho-Oh’s mythology as part of a duet with Lugia.

Ho-Oh is said to be repeatedly resurrected from his own ashes, and after destroying the ruins of the tower, used his powers to create the legendary Pokémon Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. This in turn makes him the master of this legendary trio.

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