While one of the main goals of Niantic’s game would be to encourage players to walk, many would do anything to somehow get around this requirement.

Since Pokémon GO has become a rarely seen craze in the past few days, it is not surprising that everyone wants to be the best, because “there is so much fighting, fighting”. In order to do this, many people are able to cheat the game without batting an eye. They do all this not because it is not always safe to walk, but they just want to avoid the slow and tiring nature of walking.

Pokémon GO – the point is that you don’t have to walk

In many places, it is already considered natural that in a group of friends who do not drive, they also look for Pokémon from the car, but they, or those who have hired a driver to drive them between the various Pokéstops, are among the amateurs. In a live stream, which has since been removed, for example, a player blessed with IT knowledge presented a modified version of the Android Pokémon GO application (this time not as a malware). The biggest advantage of this is that the geographical position transmitted to the game by the mobile phone running the program can be changed without actually walking.

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This way, Niantic’s solution to the fact that the game only calculates the distance traveled under a certain speed to hatch Pokemon eggs can be bypassed. But in connection with the studio’s previous game, Ingress, it has already been stated that this is clearly a fraud and that the banhammer will surely come down in time on those who play tricks like this. Not so for the Pokémon GO player who shared a crazy hoax on the game’s subreddit. Hyperion995 mounted his mobile running the game on a drone, on which he controls the game remotely from a laptop. Of course, this solution only works within a certain distance, moreover, it is not very cheap and the security of the phone is questionable at best. However, it is completely legal, as it does not manipulate the phone’s position measured by GPS.

Is this considered cheating? from pokemongo

These solutions naturally raise the question of what constitutes fraud and what does not. By the way, these rules (as you can read above) were roughly laid down by Niantic in connection with Ingress. But at the same time, it is worth thinking about the other, often used expression, because many people believe that most methods other than walking go against the spirit of Pokémon GO, which is of course not a specific category. For my part, I agree with this, but since the game pits pokemon masters against each other relatively quickly, I can understand if someone tries to get every little advantage.

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Do you think there is an acceptable way to move around in Pokémon GO other than walking?

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  • Appearance: 07/06/2016