The Pokémon Tricky event starts in Pokémon Go at 8 a.m. today. Among other things, it gives you more Pokémon in the wild, which are known as “real joke cookies and masters of camouflage”.
These include Nebulak, Alpollo, Voltobal, Tarnpignon, Mogelbaum, Griffel and Glibunkel. If you are lucky you may find bird’s eye trees and glibuncles as dazzling specimens.
The Flunschlik Pokémon is brand new, it appears as a reward for research projects in the field and “with a huge dose of luck” also in the wild. After the event, these options remain, but they do not hatch more than 5 km of eggs.
During the event, however, Flunschlik, Griffel, Isso, Mobai and Glibunkel often hatch from 5 km from eggs.
In the event’s exclusive field research projects you will come across Flunschlik as well as bird’s-eye trees and Glibunkel, ‘you might meet a surprise’ snapshots and Ditto also spawns more often in the wild.
Yesterday, Niantic announced that in the future it will allow you to play raids with friends back home, and there is also a new package in the store for one room.
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