The last expansion for the Pokémon TCG was released recently, along with Clash of the Rebels. The Rebel Clash line includes two new themed decks that focus on the legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta.

For release, we took a look at the two slightly newer themed decks, which, as usual, each have a full deck that you’re immediately ready to play with.

Let’s start with the Zacian-themed game, which focuses on the metallic Pokemon. In addition to the Legendary Pokémon, Fasasnob is an important Pokémon that you need to jump into action quickly. The latter is a powerful attacker and enters the arena with 150 HP. His HP cut attack also deals 150 HP of damage. This will knock out some enemies at once.

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A useful tool in your endeavors is the “metal plate” trainer card. While it’s normally possible to create only one Energy card per train, you can also add a Metal Energy card from your discard pile to a Metal Pokémon in the bank. Additionally, Zacian’s attack energy flow is essentially charged. If you trigger it, you immediately create a new energy card.

As a supporter, this deck brings Voluminas, Galar-Mauzinger, and Resladero. Overall the game is more offensive and with the Pokémon Catcher trainer card you can – if your piece falls upside down – put a key in place for your opponent and swap an active Pokémon for one from the bank. .

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The Zamazenta-themed deck is the counterpart and is more defensive. The metal plate trainer card is also available here, with which you can attack faster. Overall, the card game attaches great importance to using blocking cards to give you an edge. This is especially true for potion cards that restore 30 HP.

On 150 KP from Fasasnob on the Zacian Bridge, Krarmor goes even further with 170 KP, he is a strong defender and at the same time a good striker. With the Iron Wing attack, it inflicts 130 HP and also has the ability to discard two Energy cards and thus weaken your opponent’s next attack by 100 damage. Useful if you are planning a strong attack. And the Metallic Pokémon Zamazenta takes 20 less damage after its opponent’s next pressure round in the next round. Caesurio, tentantel and duraludon are available to help you on this bridge.

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Which deck you prefer depends on your usual playing style. And if both appeal to you, take a look at our competition.

In total, Clash of the Rebels features a host of new cards, including 16 fullscreen Pokémon-V and 14 Pokémon-V, seven Pokémon-VMAX, over 15 training cards, four fullscreen support cards, and four special energy cards.

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