Pokémon sword and shield: find apricots and make Poké balls

You know Apricot made of Pokémon gold and silver and now they’re in Armor island For Pokemon sword and shield back.

With their help, you can Special and rare Poké balls get. Although you are not falsifying them yourself, you should hope for a coincidence by throwing other objects in the Urglmator.

How do I get Apricot Balls in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Urglmator: Armor Island?

With the Urglmator, you can combine four different elements to create a new one. And that includes apricot balls and other Poké balls. Unlike other fixed combinations, it is unfortunately not so easy with Poké Balls.

If you use four red apricots, you can, for example, receive a level ball. Or a super ball. It should be kept in mind that you need a good dose of luck for the apricot balls, the chances of this are rather slim. And there must always be four apricots to get a ball.

What apricot balls are there in Pokémon Sword and Shield: Armor Island?

You can get the following apricot balls in Pokémon Sword and Shield: Armor Island:

  • Friend balloon – Increases the affection of a Pokémon to 200
  • Bait ball – Makes it easier for you to catch Pokémon while fishing
  • Levelball – Pokémon whose level is lower than your Pokémon team are easier to catch
  • Moon ball – You can catch Pokémon you need a moonstone to grow more easily
  • Heavy ball – You can catch heavier Pokémon more easily
  • Sympaball – You can catch Pokémon of the opposite sex more easily
  • Turboball – It is easier for you to catch fleeing Pokémon

Where can I find apricot in Pokémon Sword and Shield: Armor Island?

You can find apricots in Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Armor Isle on Armor Isle by shaking them from the berries and as hidden objects on the ground.

Berries are found in the following regions:

  • Balsam swamp – 4 trees
  • Level of diligence – 1 tree
  • Focus forest – 7 trees
  • Greetings – 4 trees
  • Event range – 2 trees

If you saw all the Pokémon in the Pokédex armor, you will come across a girl in the regions of the island that you get four apricots of one color for 100 watts. It is also possible several times a day.

What apricos are there in Pokémon Sword and Shield: Armor Island and which balls are made from them?

There are several variations of apricot color in the sword and the Pokémon shield: Armor Island.

If you use a color in the Urglmator, there is a chance of getting a certain Poké Ball or Apricot Ball.

Here are all the colors and possible Pokeballs:

  • Apricot blue – Bait ball, net ball or diving ball
  • Apricot yellow – Flotball or moon ball
  • Apricot green – friend balloon or nest
  • Apricot rose – Heilball or Sympaball
  • Apricot red – Levelball or reball
  • Black apricoco – Dark ball, luxury ball or heavy ball
  • White apricot – timer ball or turboball
  • With each apricot there is a chance of hyperball, pokeball, superball, safari ball or tournament ball
Put the apricot in the Urglmator and it spits a ball.

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