Update of June 18, 2020: Your Pokémon team’s first level reports on Armor Island for the Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC have been found to be incorrect as the DLC becomes available.

Players are reporting – as I can confirm after the first few hours – that the Pokémon levels in the first DLC are not based on your team’s Pokémon level.

On the contrary, the progression of your story in the main game seems to be crucial. If you complete this and become a champion, Pokémon have a DLC level of 60+, otherwise it’s around ten to 14.

Original message of June 16, 2020: In the first DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Armor Island, some sort of second natural area seems to be waiting for you – at least it looks like that according to previous information.

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You also don’t have to go through the history of the Pokémon Sword and Shield to access the DLC. This is possible as soon as you have access to the natural area of ​​the main game.

We’re talking about tailoring the Pokémon to your level there. Which really makes sense if you can get there early in the main game.

It doesn’t say whether the Pokémon on the new island are constantly adjusting to your level or across multiple levels. The most likely thing is that it works like the main game’s natural area. And if you have a team of 100 Pokémon, they also adapt, as Nintendo has confirmed. The island is described as a large area compatible with different types of terrain, which looks like a second natural area.

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There are also side missions to complete, for example you should catch 150 Alola Digda. With an “EXP Charm” you focus all experience points on a single Pokémon instead of spreading them across the whole team, and with “Amorite Ore” your team learns new attacks.

Armor Island should focus on your training and gain strength, the second expansion, Crown Snowland, should then offer more story, adventure and exploration.

We’ll see exactly what it all looks like starting tomorrow, when The Isle of Armor DLC appears.

Either way, don’t forget to purchase the correct Pokémon Sword or Shield expansion pass.

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