Poland (TV3), has won the Ondas 2007 for the best local television program and in the battle for the audience in Catalonia it has taken control of Friday, beating marriage scenes. Polònia is a political humor program in which an imaginary country, Polònia, is recreated, and where the protagonists are imitated current characters who complete gags that take advantage of fiction to create humor based on reality.

The creators of space are the collective Absolute minority (Toni Soler, Queco Novell and Manel Lucas), who in addition to the television program have a slot on the Catalan radio station Rac1. The team is completed with the shortlist of actors who are in charge of imitating the characters and making Poland a living and latent country.

The success of Polònia is based on the fact that it is a interpretation of reality passed through the filter of humor and reinterpreted by the characters. Each program summarizes the political news of the week and that closeness and familiarity makes the viewer immediately connect with the gags. For his part, the characters are recognizable for everyone because they are based on real people, but in Poland they take advantage of the reality imitation factor to build and invent new characters very close to traditional comedy, with exaggerated negative characteristics that come into play when dealing with daily routines.

Franco, Zapatero, Rajoy, the Royal Family, Ferran Adrià, the most influential Catalan politicians, Messi, Lluis Llach, Matías Prats…, they all have their alter ego in Polònia and it is by seeing Polònia that we can discover current events filtered and recreated through intelligent and fresh thinking that converts situations to the purest parody and that has its value in the great base of reality that it needs.

An essential program but it will not be able to make the national leap nor will it receive a cult on YouTube because most of the gags are in Catalan (although there are many videos that are Spanish that are within the reach of the understanding of the majority and which I recommend). Transferring Poland to a national television is not an easy task either and, above all, it would be risky. The question you have about the product is if that political and cartoonish humor would like in the rest of Spain as much as you like in Catalonia. And, on the other hand, the project would have to be modified because humor with certain characters would not be accepted at the national level. In fact, with Look at you (Antena 3), and in Las cherries (La1), they did not do well at all.