Portal Knights analysis.

The name of Portal Knights has been resonating in our heads for little more than a year, when the title was released as early access game in Steam. Since then, many players have visited the different worlds that the portals offer us. So that you understand the concept of Portal Knights and like the highly acclaimed Minecraft, the game of 505 Games and Keen Games, has dared to mix the characteristics of the famous cube game of Mojang. Thus, we find a random generation of worlds full of life and in which we will have the main task of survival. As you can see, up to here the idea is exactly the same as the one projected in Minecraft, but it obviously differs in some respects.

What’s new Old man?

So what exactly does it offer Portal Knights in relation to the innovation? Well, it turns out that its main difference lies in the inclusion of portals, through which we can travel from one world to another. In order to move between them, first it will be necessary to creation of these portals that we will achieve it thanks to the extraction of minerals rare that may be hidden by the environment, or through the elimination of enemies.

Portal Knights analysis

In this way, we can see how the system of game it is enough simple. We arrive at an island, we cross it and investigate, we collect means and materials with whom to be able build objects for survive, we we face at creatures who are living there, we created the portal to travel to another stage, and start over.

He size of the islands usually slightly reduced, but each of them offers a series of characteristics unique, from the type of weather, even the different creatures that inhabit it, as well as the different materials that we will have the possibility to collect.

Portal Knights analysis

In relation to playability and the control system Portal Knights, we have to say that it is quite intuitive in the first instance, and even more so if we have played Minecraft previously. He control is well adapted to controls, and the players of Pc will not have no problem to get hold of it. A detail that we have found to be successful in this section is the possibility that we will have at all times, to control our character both in first and third person.

We believe this awards points to control system of the game as it offers options for all types of players, in addition to facilitate the essentials of the game how are the harvest of objects, in which we recommend using the view in first person, and the combat with us enemies in which we recommend using the view in third person.

Portal Knights analysis

Video analysis

Count on my sword … and my bow … and my magic

So the battles they have been very interesting, although something simple, everything has to be said. Mechanics are limited to hit and dodge and it will not pose any challenge for the player, but even so, the fighting has seemed to us at least, entertained. It should be noted that at the beginning of the game we can choose what character class we want to be, thus differentiating between warrior, ranger and wizard. Each type of character has a characteristics that make them unique and a way of attack, not to mention their own skills.

Thus, the warrior invites to fight hand to hand against his enemies, the Forest ranger is characterized by using his bow to be able attack long distances and finally the Wizard asserts itself from spells to be able to destroy all the creatures that get in his way. In this way, the playable needs of any type of player and we can choose if our form of combat will be melee, or if we cope better with long-distance combat.

Portal Knights analysis

In another vein, we must emphasize that Not all that glitters is gold, because in our opinion, the camera movement It should be much better worked in certain sections, since, on some occasions, it’s hard to control your sight and more if there are several enemies, well the camera is fixed on only one and the view will be focused on it, which greatly reduces the field of view. This also affects the section on building of structures, since the vagueness visual slightly overshadows this process.

And do not think that we were going to forget to talk about this section, since the building objects It is one of the pillars under which it is sustained Portal Knights. Thus the «crafting» offers us mechanics very similar to those already seen in Minecraft, thus becoming a very intuitive and simple. The more materials we have in our inventory, the more items we can build. In addition, we would like to highlight that the game itself explains the possibilities we have when it comes to generate objects and explains in detail the materials we need to build all the items.

RPG is always welcome

It is also correct that air of progression offered by the game. The possibility of equip different weapons and armor, invites the player to continue improving them as we go leveling up, thanks to which we can improve our skills. With all this, we see how Portal Knights enjoys an atmosphere characteristic of a RPG, which contributes certain favorable points to the general set of the game.

Portal Knights analysis

As you can see, we have not talked about the history of the new game of 505 Games and Keen Games, and is that Portal Knights not that I have a argument solid to talk about. Our main task will be to advance through all the islands defeating enemies, getting stronger and helping different characters controlled by the AI, which provide a certain dynamism to the title. In this way, the freedom it will accompany us throughout all the scenarios, as we can choose how to act at any time.

In another order of things and to finish talking about the modalities offered Portal Knights, we now focus on your cooperative mode. The game offers a game system for a maximum of four players by way of on-line, and two players in a modality local, in order to make the most of all the features of the game, in case the main mode falls short.

A visual wonder

He technical section of Portal Knights enjoys a color palette of the most attractive to the eyes. Most scenarios they are very beautiful and full of details, all formed by some textures square, which remind Minecraft more than we would like. The enemies they have one personality special, and the elements that surround its universe greatly enrich this section. In another sense, the band sonorous The game is very happy and fantastic, adapting well to the different situations that we will experience in the game.

Portal Knights analysis

In short, it is inevitable to talk about Portal Knights without thinking about Minecraft. The famous game created by Mojang is an indisputable reference in the development of this title. But on the other hand, it is true that Keen Games has tried to offer a different experience when it comes to creating a game more than suitable for All public. Old may enjoy several hours of entertainment, but they will certainly be the smallest of the house those who will enjoy the universe that the game offers. Hopefully, in the future the game continues to increase and receive much more content so that the knights of the portal have a wide place in the universe of the video game.

We have been able to elaborate this analysis in its version for PlayStation 4 thanks to a copy you have provided us 505 Games.