Praise the Sun! The Dark Souls saga debuts on Nintendo Switch.

Today Dark Souls: Remastered arrives on Nintendo Switch, along with the Solaire de Astora amiibo, representing the iconic gesture of the saga.

The Japanese developer From Software has always been characterized by not being exactly condescending to the player, and with the original release of Dark Souls in 2011 not only managed to define a genre of role-playing and action, but also redefined the level of challenge and difficulty that you can get to look for a player. Today, the saga finally arrives on a Nintendo console with a fine-tuning of the first title of the saga, Dark Souls: Remastered for Nintendo Switch, and it arrives accompanied by a Solaire de Astora amiibo to celebrate.

Dark Souls: Remastered launches on Nintendo Switch with an improvement in resolution and frame rate over the original and the free Artorias of the Abyss DLC. But also, for the first time in history you can return to the hostile world of Lordran anywhere, thanks to Nintendo Switch. You can see the launch trailer for Dark Souls: Remastered on the YouTube channel of Nintendo Spain.

Dark Souls: Remastered imposes due to its difficulty, and at any moment the tables can be turned in your favor, or against! Starting today, Nintendo Switch users will have to face the undead, dragons, dark knights and all kinds of enemies who will not hesitate for a second to attack without mercy until there is no choice but to retry, retry and retry over and over again. . They must take into account the environmental hazards and traps that can catch you off guard and kill your life bar in a matter of seconds.

Praise the Sun!  The Dark Souls saga debuts on Nintendo Switch

The online multiplayer mode of Dark Souls Remastered allows you to “summon” other players to your game world to help you out and balance the scales against the toughest bosses, but be careful, because any player can “invade” your world and look for you to increase the challenge, or you can be the one to invade other worlds and seek to teach less cautious players a lesson. Try to manage all those accumulated souls or it will be more and more difficult to progress.

Accompanying the arrival of the game in Spain, a new amiibo figure is also launched, that of the mythical character Solaire de Astora in his position to praise the Sun. Using this amiibo with Dark Souls Remastered, you can make the popular gesture of “Praise the sun” at any time from the beginning of the game (this gesture can also be achieved in the normal course of the game). Thus, after crossing barriers of fog and defeating the imposing bosses that hide behind them, you will be able to demonstrate your euphoria with the most iconic gesture of the saga.

Praise the Sun!  The Dark Souls saga debuts on Nintendo Switch

The action RPG that revolutionized a genre due to its multiplayer approach and its high difficulty is finally coming to a Nintendo console, and for the first time players will be able to feel the challenge anywhere. Dark Souls: Remastered and the Astora Solaire amiibo are out now for Nintendo Switch.

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Praise the Sun!  The Dark Souls saga debuts on Nintendo Switch