Cyber ​​Hunter, the open-world Battle Royale game released in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, has opened pre-registration on Google Play to the entire world! It is an interesting Battle Royale style game with survival, shooting and exploration gameplay elements.

Cyber ​​Hunter features good graphics, advanced customization options and smoother parkour function. And players will have an amazing experience driving a supercar, participating in an exciting gunfight and using a Quantum Droid System with more ways of manipulation.

Like most other Battle Royale games, Wanderers will parachute down into the 6 x 6 km map and scavenge for resources to survive. Any vertical surface in the game is climbable, meaning Wanderers will be able to climb and glide from high above. Wanderers can discover items (e.g. Tactical Gloves that improve climbing speed) to better explore the world!

As Wanderers level up they unlock different abilities such as detecting enemy signal, invisibility and building barricades, they can also dissolve a building or an item to get droid energy or use a Detector drone to spy on their enemies. While the Circle of Safety protects Walkers when outside the safe zone, they can also revive a teammate.

Available in five categories: SMG, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and Throwables, the weapons in Cyber ​​Hunter are also unique. Wanderers can obtain a shotgun that heals a friendly target, a grenade launcher that deals massive damage to buildings, or a freeze grenade that freezes water. Upgrading weapons with an Enhancement Core unlocks new powers and even new abilities.

There are many vehicles for Wanderers to travel the world. With vehicles of up to five seats, they can be classified into land, water and versatile. Different from normal vehicles, Cyber ​​Hunter vehicles can also do amazing things. For example, Cerberus can transform into a battle mech, Ventaneiro can transform into a plane, and Alvorada has a wrecking wheel.

The game allows Wanderers to customize their character from hair, eye color and face size to lip makeup and eyebrows. Additionally, Wanderers can create their own characters using the various fashion outfits, custom moves, weapon and vehicle paints.

Android players can now sign up for the game via Google Play and participate in the global pre-registration activity on Facebook to win prizes.

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