Pre-Sale: New Xbox Headset is now available on Amazon!.

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Every self-respecting gamer deserves a Headset of respect and this new Microsoft accessory raises the level of gameplay for every player even further.

Pre-Sale: New Xbox Headset is now available on Amazon!

As such, the Xbox Wireless Headset delivers best-in-class audio and chat performance, plus exceptional design, comfort, and unique experiences for every gamer. And because the best selling site doesn’t waste time, the newest Xbox Headset for Xbox consoles is pre-ordered on Amazon. With loud and clear sound, in addition to wireless connection, the accessory has the latest audio technologies, and brings enhanced immersion for gamers who use it.

In this line, its thin and light design brings a high comfort to the user, providing a unique experience during prolonged gaming sessions. The headset’s rotary knobs provide a quick and convenient way to adjust the volumes during your games, which brings balance between gameplay and chat.

Pre-Sale: New Xbox Headset is now available on Amazon!

However, the Headset is still compatible with PC and Windows 10 devices, a wide range of options for you to enjoy the latest Xbox Headset.

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The newest Xbox Wireless Headset features spatial sound technologies, including Windows Sonic, Dolby Altmos and DTS Headphone: X, featuring auto-mute and voice isolation, which reduces background noise and enables clear communication in any device. With a comfortable design, you can also adjust your headset with the Xbox Accessories app for a personalized audio experience.

Pre-Sale: New Xbox Headset is now available on Amazon!

Plus, when you’re not talking, the auto-mute feature “closes” the microphone (a feature that can be turned off) so you keep communication channels unobstructed, while the manual mute button provides privacy when you need it.

In short, the developer team reported that: “We want its use to be satisfactory and that you feel as much pleasure as possible when playing a game”, points out Elie. We’re also excited to be adding unique features not found in wireless headphones today, with the goal of creating a product evolution over time with their updates.

Pre-Sale: New Xbox Headset is now available on Amazon!

Don’t be left out and join the new generation with this beautiful and innovative Headset!

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Pre-Sale: New Xbox Headset is now available on Amazon!