People Can Fly’s career is curious to say the least. This Polish studio was founded in Warsaw almost two decades ago, starting with a frenzied first-person shooter, Painkiller, which caught the eye of one of the industry’s biggest players, Epic Games. With them, they worked on the PC port of Gears of War, in the never-popular Bulletstorm, and on Gears of War: Judgment, a spin-off that innovated more within the Microsoft Star franchise than the last two sequels. . . Their good work meant that Epic acquired the entire studio in 2012 and allowed them to work at current industry giant Fortnite, but three years later, in 2015, they took on one of these decisions. difficult to understand from the outside; They bought their freedom, became completely independent from Epic, and started working on new intellectual property, far from the security of being part of one of the most stable companies in the industry. These people are not afraid of risk, I thought a few weeks ago when I went to Warsaw to try out the new game announced at E3 in the past, Outriders, which will be released under the auspices of Square. Enix.

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Outriders, like many other works of science fiction, begins with one end: that of Earth. With a home ravaged by war and climate change, humanity was forced in 2159 to migrate in two huge ships to a distant planet called Enoch in search of survival. But eighty years later, only one, the Flores, managed to reach its destination, and the Outriders were the elite tracking unit that landed to prepare for colonization. As you can imagine, things don’t go as planned: a strange storm, the Anomaly, devastates the planet’s surface, deactivates all advanced technology, and those who do not die in its infancy end up suffering damage. strange mutations. This is the case with the protagonists of the game, who end up sleeping in cryogenic chambers while waiting for a cure. When they finally woke up three decades later, the situation in Enoch is anything but idyllic, a sort of Mad Max with survivors pitted against each other as the planet seems to have evolved to fight a humanity it treats as a infection. And in the midst of all this chaos, a strange signal seems to harbor the solution and the answer to end the anomaly.

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But what has caught the attention of many Outriders, perhaps more than the game itself, is the fact that this is one of the few projects already confirmed for the new generation of consoles. We tested it on a high-end PC at 4K and 60FPS, and while it looks more than successful, with good modeling, detailed textures, and some pretty dramatic effects, we can’t say we’ve seen a great visual leap in it that allows us to see the possibilities of PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X. It is very possible that being an intergenerational title that will also be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One limits the graphical evolution even more, but the folks at People Can Fly couldn’t say much either. he; The confidentiality agreements with Sony and Microsoft are certainly the reason they haven’t answered questions about intergenerational games for the co-op or the improvements we’ll see in more advanced equipment.

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From Warsaw, I came back with the feeling that the Outriders would not be a particularly innovative title, but a solid and fun one a priori. The developers have clear ideas, they know very well what they’re doing when it comes to the action (something expected, after all, from the same people who made Bulletstorm and Gears Judgment) and the RPG component is fine. integrated into the gameplay, with an evolution for the studio that inevitably reminds me of Bungie when they went from Destiny to Halo. His commitment to the co-op and a new franchise is as curious as it is risky, and now all that remains to be seen is how it will be received by the public. We’ll know later this year – if there’s no delay – when it launches.

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