The long-awaited expansion Sunbreak Monster Hunter Rise is about to arrive worldwide on June 30th, bringing massive content with lots of new features.

And to give you a taste of what we can expect, Capcom has made available to the voxel a preview with a peek at the gameplay of the expansion, so hunters, prepare your equipment and items, pet your friend and friend and come check out all the details!

Hunter base and new maps

One of the cool news that the recording featured was the player’s new base in Sunbreak. Call Elgadoit will have several NPCs and locations to facilitate your hunt, such as:

  • Kamura Tea House — to beat that famous buff-packed range before going to fight the monsters.
  • Oboro Merchant — to buy important items like health potions, antidotes, and more.
  • Praça dos Amigos — a place to enjoy quality time with your Amicão and Amigato, after all, their faithful companions don’t live off battles!
  • Ferreira Minayle — for crafting gear, including Master Rank gear.
  • Recruiter Chichae — an NPC for accepting quests.

In addition, we can take a peek at two new locations, the Fort, which brings a mix of snowy peaks and lush forests, and even an old abandoned fortress that is now home to dangerous creatures; and the Sandy Plain, which is reminiscent of the desert map from Monster Hunter World.

Each of them will bring its own fauna to collect, such as the new Ruby and Gold species from the Cabinseto, which can help activate Serpe Mount, improve insectoid bar recovery rate, increase damage or even improve monster drop .

‘Oh, the animal coming’

Now let’s talk about the part that really matters: hunting monsters! In the presentation, we check out two types of hunts, the first being with four players against the new terrible Serpe de Presas lunagaron, or Ice Wolf Dragon for the intimate. And look, get ready because the beast is furious, basically being a dark mix between Velkhana and Odogaron!

The second hunt, on the other hand, showed an interesting new mechanic for those moments of solo play. Called Follower Quests, it allows you to be warned of an imminent threat by an NPC and then go on the hunt with the same, being a way to strengthen the bond with characters that can prove to be powerful allies. In the recording, the partner was Arlow, Master of the Arena, who proved to be a good partner in combat.

And remember Seregios (aka Satan) who first appeared there in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? So, it’s back and angrier than usual, ejecting its lethal, razor-sharp scales to cause bleeding, a state that deals more damage as well as additional health loss when dashing, dodging, or attacking.

New mechanic with Swap Skills

The DLC will also feature a new feature to switch between two sets of Swap Skills during missions. Each of the sets will be recorded on a parchment, Blue and Red, which can be rotated with the weapon in hand or still sheathed.

An interesting feature is that if the player is using this mechanic when being attacked by a monster, he can perform a move called Swap Dodge, safely escaping in any direction, but still consuming stamina.

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