price reduction on PS3, ‘Uncharted 2’, ‘God of War III’….

There are days more propitious than others to receive rumors. You don’t really know the cause, but they are there. A little while ago they weren’t there and suddenly, when no one expects it, a terrible batch of unconfirmed rumors appears but bathed in a “certain possibility” sieve, which makes them very appetizing.

And today, due to the large number of succulent rumors that have been generated at once, we are going to serve them to you in the form of a cover. A cover with the best rumors that, it seems, has left the annual meeting that the Staff of Sony Computer Entertainment has held in London.

price reduction on PS3, ‘Uncharted 2’, ‘God of War III’…

The source would point to someone who, presumably, attended the meeting and who has in great detail what they were shown there. Sales reports, future strategies and what interests us, material from the development of ‘Uncharted 2’, ‘God of War 3’ and some other surprises. Gentlemen, had you asked for a cap of rumours?

Price cut on PlayStation 3 for March.

According to the source, David Reeves himself, president of SCEE, would have confirmed that the price of PS3 will be lowered in March, making it coincide with the launch of the highly anticipated ‘Killzone 2’.

price reduction on PS3, ‘Uncharted 2’, ‘God of War III’…

Greater investment in PSN.

For Sony, the PlayStation Network has been a resounding success. With profits approaching 180 million euros in 2008, the Japanese multinational would have confirmed that a lot of money will be invested over the next course in continuing to improve and enhance the service.

‘Little Big Planet’ and ‘MotorStorm’ on their way to PSP.

Apparently the meeting showed the version of ‘Little Big Planet’ that Sony’s laptop will see over the next year or even in 2010. Despite being in a very early stage of development, it seems that Media Molecule He has only been working on it for four months, leaving a very good taste in the mouths of the attendees.

price reduction on PS3, ‘Uncharted 2’, ‘God of War III’…

‘MotorStorm’ for its part was also shown, although there are no more specific details.

‘Uncharted 2’ and ‘God of War 3’.

The two pearls of the crown that Sony has up its sleeve. Two true winning titles that will swell to sell units and consoles. Apparently ‘Uncharted 2’ was shown in a short video, it looks the same as the first but with some graphic improvements.

price reduction on PS3, ‘Uncharted 2’, ‘God of War III’…

For its part, the great icing that crowned the night was the new video for ‘God of War 3’. According to the leaking source, the quality was so high that it was almost impossible to tell if it was CGI’s or real-time graphics.

“Kratos was shown ripping apart various mythological creatures, and it felt in-game because of the placement of the cameras, but the quality was so high that it was hard to assume it was.”

So gentlemen, I hope you liked the special rumors cover. They have a lot to digest and reflect on. By the way, it doesn’t seem to be a very innovative strategy on Sony’s part, at the moment we are turning our attention to two ports of games from PS3 to PSP, and a second and third part.

price reduction on PS3, ‘Uncharted 2’, ‘God of War III’…

But what else? If they meet the quality standards that their first titles had, you have no doubt that they will be true “must have”. And on the other hand, will this March be the date set for PS3 to become more affordable? Wouldn’t it be better to launch that sale at Christmas?