Private Photos, Videos, Documents, Browsing: Stash Pro 1.8.3.

Stash Pro, a password protected photo album app, video files, web browser and slideshow viewer all in one. Stash makes it easy and fun to download, manage and play private images, videos on your device, as its own name calls it a simple and useful download manager, everything you required, all within a single application.

Stash is the most advanced media and privacy manager with many features attached to it, which we are going to mention some of them for you now, like its awesome custom albums, including nested albums, smart albums that update dynamically based on ranking, keywords , etc., as well as wireless file import and export. Through this application we can notice that Stash Pro is an application that presents the best video playback controls, account functions, dummy password, secret login manager, web browser with private tabs with direct downloads to the library of Stash and much more.


Private Photos, Videos, Documents, Browsing: Stash Pro 1.8.3
  • Library:
  • It supports all large photo display formats, all iOS compatible video formats, and the most common document formats: PDF, Office, iWork, text, etc.
  • Organize your private photos, videos and documents in personalized albums.
  • Nest albums at any depth. View child album content while viewing parent albums.
  • Create smart albums that will automatically fill in based on your criteria.
  • Drag and drop order, or have Stash sort by title, media type, category, import time, last viewed, or view total.
  • Information window where you can view the metadata and edit the title, ratings and keywords.
  • Instant search for titles and keywords you have assigned.
  • Customizable video thumbnails and stills from the movie frames.
  • Import via web interface, iTunes, Photos app, or copy and paste.
  • Bulk import, including zip support and custom photo picker.
  • Export your hidden items via the web interface, iTunes file sharing, to the Photos app, or as email attachments.
  • Private Web Browser:
  • Browse the web without leaving a trace in Safari.
  • Unlimited tab support.
  • Download images from the internet, iOS-compatible videos, documents and zip files directly to the Stash library.
  • Stash Browser maintains its own history and bookmarks.
  • URL and self-completion search based on recent history.
  • View any screen image or full video with enhanced playback controls.
  • Select one of the iPhone, iPad and desktop user applications.
  • Presentations:
  • Live pinch and double tap zoom of both images and videos.
  • Assign titles, keywords and ratings while watching TV.
  • Random option to randomize the playback order.
  • Thumbnail browser to quickly jump to any slide.
  • Ribbon
  • Videos option.
  • Stash remembers its place in videos longer than 5 minutes.
  • 10 seconds jump video controls.
  • Slow and fast motion video playback.
  • AirPlay H.264 videos (iOS 4.3+ only).
  • TV output (iPad and iPhone 4).
  • See Document:
  • Full screen viewer for all common document formats.
  • Pinch and double tap zoom.
  • Assign titles, keywords and ratings while you visit.
  • Menu to open documents from other installed applications.
  • Privacy:
  • Nondescript icon.
  • Stash Pro app appears as ‘STP’ when installed.
  • Hardware encrypted content.
  • Require a password at launch and wake up from a dream.
  • Public and private accounts: Separate public library with optional decoy password.
  • Secret login option: Stash opens to the public account on launch, but doing the secret gesture reveals access to the private account.
  • Boss Radio Button: Do the secret gesture from anywhere in the app to hide what you’re doing behind a full-screen interactive map.
  • Ability to disable iTunes backups for more privacy and better sync times.

What’s new in version 1.8.3?

This version adds compatibility with iOS 5. Notes:

Private Photos, Videos, Documents, Browsing: Stash Pro 1.8.3
  • You should now use the Import Stash button to import content from iTunes File Sharing.
  • The secret manager is now strictly a three finger tap.