Today we have many tools to control a computer that is located anywhere. It is of interest that a PC in the office can be controlled from our home. That’s how we can solve problems without deserving to be physically present. In this article we will show you several programs that are used to enter remotely to a PC from anywhere.

There are quite a few employees who carry out their functions from another place, without meriting being physically present in the company. But, it is necessary on some occasions to have to enter a PC remotely. For this reason, the need to have programs that help us control a PC without being present there.

Here are some highly recommended ones:

  • AnyDesk

  • It is a very useful program and additionally it runs quite fast. It is elementary what is required of a software of this class to and avoid slowdowns.

    It is quite secure, with TLS 1.2 encryption. It provides very low latency, which helps prevent connection delays from occurring. It is additionally a multiplatform program. It is capable of running on windowson Linux, on macOS, on iOS and on Android.

    We can get all the information and download through its official website.

  • Supreme

  • On their website they highlight the ease of use of this program. They establish that there is a need to configure something at the firewall or router level, additionally it has a fairly fast income.

    Its most interesting turning point is to allow its installation on several systems simultaneously. This way we can control several PCs if necessary. Provides secure transfer and reliablechat, we can customize its interface and it is also multiplatform, it can be used on mobile devices and desktop computers.

    On its website we can get all the information.

  • teamviewer

  • It is one of the best known remote access programs. It provides a simple interface, but complete and absolutely functional for the frequent use of this class of programs. It also works on multiple platformsand we can install it on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or Android.

    The connection you establish is secure. It uses a frequent combination of username and password, as well as some unique numerical code in order to form a link between the client and the server. By confirming access, we can perform any task as if we were in front of our PC in physical form.

    This program is free cut and for personal use, even when it also has an even more complete paid version.

    On your website we will get all the information.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

  • It is very useful to be able to enter a PC remotely, either for personal use or for work use. Here it refers to an extension for the famous Google Chrome browser.

    Quite simple, as it consists of installing the plugin from the store Chrome for both computers (client and server).