Hello, civilians! 46th issue of our game archive on your monitors, and the text is still read by officer Shtarev.

If suddenly you are interested in tops and news, then you are welcome to watch the video. In general, it is very desirable to watch the video – not because I really want views (although this is so) – often users note an abundant number of mistakes and mistakes, but here my attentiveness and a stretched four in the Russian language at school are manifested in all their glory – the request is strong do not get angry.

Our next turn today is the September 1999 reviews. We remind you that in this program we rely, precisely, on the reviews of the Russian press of those years and we do not expose the marks themselves. We are only displaying the average for several editions. Also, if you did not see a particular game that you played at that time, do not be discouraged, in any case, in the next issues we will definitely tell you about it, there were many releases, and the transfer format does not allow covering everything. So be patient, and now stock up on dumplings and let’s go.

  Pokémon Go Regirock Catch: Explanation of Markers, Weak Points and Attacks

System Shock 2

To be honest, I am one of those people – past whom this creation passed in due time. I got a computer in 2002 and even then there was not much talk about it, at least in our school. And I don’t really understand, or rather understood until this moment why they are now waiting for a re-release or a sequel, and why people get upset when it is postponed again.

Before us is the debut project of the now deceased studio Irrational Games (the one that will be responsible for the masterpiece, the third BioShock Infinite much later) and the even more deceased studio Looking Glass action-RPG – System Shock 2.

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What surprised me is that the game has been compared to Half-Life. Mutants, corridors, turrets – and the hero begins his story leaving some kind of pressure chamber, not a trolley, of course, but not bad either. True, all reviewers point out that Half-Life was made on a large scale.

So, the year 2114. The protagonist wakes up after the “R” class cyber-upgrade implantation performed on the Von Braun spacecraft. The siren’s howl fills his ears, something explodes, our hero sees mountains of corpses in the corridors. And soon it turns out that, in addition, new neighbors have appeared on the ship, calling themselves “The many” or “Many”, or rather, it is even one neighbor, because all local monsters have one common mind.

  Mortal Shell: Walkthrough

From the diaries scattered on the deck, we learn that the reconnaissance reported to the captain of the ship about the intercepted signal from the surrounding planets. The crew decided to send an expedition to land on the surface and figure out what was happening there – which was their fatal mistake. Almost immediately, the mind took possession of people and settled on the ship. In addition, the local AI of the ship itself, Xerxes, was on the side of the Many. In general, we have to try to return the ship to our own disposal and remove the infection from it with the help of the surviving woman Dr. Janice Polito. But rest assured, local writers have a few wow moments in their bosom, so the reviewers are singing their praises. Frankly, the local events intrigued me so much that without thinking twice I decided to buy the game in order to fill the gap. What I advise you to do,

  Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: How to get the best units (high level)

Dithyrambs, by the way, sing not only to the plot, but also to the cool atmosphere of hopelessness. The game keeps you on your toes at all times. The authors managed to make it seem as if a mortal danger awaits the player around every corner.

Relaxation in System Shock 2 is possible only after death. The enemy is dangerous, cunning and everywhere. In addition, the blood will spoil you and the cameras, which, if you do not cut it out, you risk fighting off dozens of monster attacks for two or three minutes.

Since, basically, here we still have a first-person action game, then we will return everything to square one, of course, with the help of weapons, which are enough in the game. In a total of 14 pieces, there was a place here for a shotgun with a submachine gun, and several types of grenade launchers, and not without exotic things in the form of some wormguns and other brooms. The weapon itself can still be loaded with different types of cartridges that are effective against various creatures or vehicles. And each type has an enhanced mode, which, although it increases the damage, also empties the ammunition much faster.

  As Star Wars: The Clone Wars showed the effects of Order 66

The most interesting thing is that there is no auto-reloading and here you need to take it as a rule – you kill someone – you recharge, otherwise it may happen that a meeting with another enemy can become fatal.

The types of adversaries, by the way, are also in abundance – alien creatures crossed with people, some cybers, assorted robots (from self-destructing to hefty guards), mutants, including those with paranormal abilities, there was a place for arachnid insects, and even disgusting worms. In addition, when, it would seem, you have completely cleared the compartment, these bitches will revive over time.

In addition to physical weapons, the main character also has skills and psi-abilities. At first, you can choose the training of your character from three special services, hiding behind the names of a soldier, a hacker and a psi specialist, which accordingly affect the characteristics of the character, and indeed how you will play the game. The characteristics themselves are very, very much, more precisely 35. In addition to the basic ones – strength, dexterity and endurance, there are skills and handling of various types of weapons, and technical skills – repair, hacking, modernization and so on. Psi-abilities will allow you to freeze enemies, and vice versa, burn, hypnotize them, set them against each other, resist radiation, resist poisons, heal and so on. In addition, they can be improved with implants obtained by completing additional quests from the doctor or by searching every corner of the ship. By the way, it is generally desirable to sneak it inside and out, because in addition to magazines and audio diaries, you will come across a lot of interesting things here. For example, another, let’s say, currency – nanites – is used everywhere here, even for the resurrection of a character in a special medical center.

  The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn DLC – Splendeur gothique

Some characteristics are a separate song altogether. Take the parameter “research” – you can find various anatomical parts on some enemies. In the inventory, they will be listed as “unexplored item”. As you might guess, this characteristic allows you to study it in order to gain an advantage in the future meeting with these opponents. But not just having reached a certain level of skill, but if you have, you need chemicals and reagents, which can only be obtained from special warehouses. Etc. The graphics are good. Although “Game.exe” was not particularly pleased with it. The Dark Engine, which migrated straight from the first Thief, did its job perfectly and looked, according to the assurances of other reviewers, no worse than the aforementioned Halfa or games from Id Software. With the only difference that this project did not support resolutions below 640×480. And she also demanded a 3D accelerator. And for a more or less comfortable game, it was required.

  Resident Evil Infinite Darkness unveiled by Netflix, will be a CGI movie starring Leon and Claire

Bugs are present, but in a rather scanty amount that even many did not deserve a mention.

Sound and music, or rather ambient, are at their best. They add great whist to the already thick whist atmosphere and make the player shudder at every rustle. And sometimes he even jumps up in horror.

There are no obvious drawbacks to the game, except that “Igromania” complains about some imbalance of skills and claims that some of them advantageously prevail over others, which there is no point in downloading.

As a result, this is 9.5 points out of 10.

System Shock 2 is the case when the sequel turned out to be head and shoulders above its predecessor. Great storyline, atmosphere and deep gameplay – this is the very cocktail that players and reviewers came to love.

  Pokémon Silver: Fan invested over 300 hours in a modern version of the intro

Prince of persia 3D

In 1989, Jordan Mechner created the cult game Prince of Persia, it was found in almost every computer along with Tetris, and the console was not spared. So it seems that every person who came across games knew about him. Before flirting with the sand of time, the studios, and in particular Mechner, twice tried to give a new life to the Prince and did not succeed very well. But, in one of them, three-dimensionality then firmly entered the industry and the developers of Red Orb Entertainment decided, and what not to do with Prince in 3D. No sooner said than done! And here we have a game that failed in sales and is now considered almost bad form – Prince of Persia 3D. But was it really that bad – let’s take a look.

  The Treyarch wallet

The plot tells us about the hardships of love. The prince, who grew up on the street, and the princess, the sultan’s daughter, fell in love and got married, which greatly annoyed the uncle of the princess, King Assan, who was also the vile brother of the good sultan. Assan, in turn, planned to arrange a small incest without registration and SMS and marry her to his son Rugnor.The guys did not find anything better than to ambush our ward and leave him to rot in the dungeon, and he took Princess Rugnor to himself in order to periodically cool the ardor his smoking lump.

  Super Nintendo World: Corona delays opening – as a consolation there is a coffee at Mario

But they obviously did not take into account the mistakes of the movie villains, and the fact that our hero in childhood squeezed drachmas from local nerds and, in addition to passionate princesses, was greedy for the horizontal bar, and we now have to make our way through the thorns of dungeons back to our beloved for 17 levels and punish along the way outrages.

By far the main graphic innovation was the aforementioned transition to 3D. The NetImmerse engine, the progenitor of those used in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, starting from their third parts, looked pretty solid and all reviewers, in principle, were satisfied with the graphics, noting both gloomy dungeons and seemingly impregnable fortresses, and so on here looked solid. The animation also did not disappoint and the prince’s movements, as before, are smooth and polished. But if in the first parts rotoscoping technology was used, which is exploited by multipliers for frame-by-frame rendering. But this time the developers have already used Motion capture. And for the subtlety of setting the movement, more than 500 movements of all parts of the body were used, I do not know how many thousands are used now, but, as for me, the figure is quite impressive for its time.

  Super Nintendo World: Corona delays opening – as a consolation there is a coffee at Mario

At first glance, the game resembles Tomb Raider and the then quite popular Heretic 2, mainly due to the location of the camera on the back, but in reality this is absolutely not the case.

To the delight of the players, it finally became possible to save at any time. True, the prince had to stand motionless at this moment and on a flat surface. Saves and loads themselves are almost part of the gameplay. The thing is that local fortresses and catacombs are filled with all kinds of deadly traps, a variety that then surprised even seasoned players. Our hero will have to dodge rotating blades, various catapults that can smash him against the nearest wall, get out of rooms with shrinking walls, and so on.

  Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: How to get the best units (high level)

And on average, we use fast loading 8-10 times per minute. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that an elegant decision of the developers in the “Sands of Time” appeared to rewind this very time, so that players do not constantly hit the loading keys. It’s scary to imagine how this was on the Dreamcast, to which the game was ported a year later.

The situation is aggravated by a very strange management and sometimes the prince, with a tenacity worthy of better use, desperately does not want to jump onto the ledge that the player needs.

In addition to climbing here and there, we switch the levers and sometimes even, let’s say, do it remotely, using the bow available in the prince’s arsenal. For example, in order to lower the bridge you need to hit the switch on the other bank. By the way, the prince takes aim from the bow to the question of control by pressing the Ctrl key.

  As Star Wars: The Clone Wars showed the effects of Order 66

And finally – local battles. For their production, they even invited professional martial arts instructors, although it is not said which ones exactly and they look here not to say that they are beautiful. The case is saved only, effective for that time, finishing off. At the easy and medium difficulty levels, the battles are quite simple and unobtrusive, but at the hard one, at first, you will die over and over again with bewilderment in your eyes and reboot again. But gradually having learned, you will still begin to lay them down one or two. Despite all the tinsel of types of punches, weapons and swings – in fact, there are only three movements – lunge, block and fake blow. As you progress through the speed of combinations of these movements increases in opponents, so the reaction should be good. The battles themselves take place strictly one-on-one.

  Pokémon Go Regirock Catch: Explanation of Markers, Weak Points and Attacks

There are about 30 types of opponents, and in addition to people, you will meet various mutants and even genies, each of which has its own fighting technique. But after understanding the local mechanics, in the future, they also fit pretty quickly.

Of the weapons, the main character has an ordinary sword, and double blades, and a staff – each of them has its own speed of circulation and radius of action. All of them are scattered across locations and are waiting for their prince.

In addition to weapons, there are also several types of elixirs scattered across the levels – replenishing health, making the hero invisible – in order to sneak under the noses of local guards, jumping in order to get to this or that place and others.

  The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn DLC – Splendeur gothique

The locations are quite diverse and here we get out of the catacombs quickly, and after us a palace, a city and even an airship await.

Sounds and music are praised. A very successful stylization of the soundtrack for oriental motives, and in battles, oddly enough, it is lively.

Of the minuses, in addition to management, they call the system requirements – the minimum is 233 “stumps”, 8MB of video and as much as 64 megabytes of RAM.

Well, as a result, this is 7.5 points out of 10.

Yes, this is not a masterpiece, but an outright failure for sure. It has good graphics and nice gameplay. Yes, fans of the first prince were unhappy with the three-dimensionality and the alleged loss of atmosphere. But, as for me, they simply did not want to recognize innovation. As it aptly then wrote in the “Land of Games” – the Prince is dead. Long live the Prince!

  The Treyarch wallet

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

To admit (something I confess a lot today) I did not expect what awaits me in the reviews for this game. I thought, well, now he has enough eights, laudatory epithets and ala-ulyu chase geese. But after reading the articles, now a puzzle has formed for me in the remakes – why now the third part seemed to the players worse than the second. The answer, after all, lay on the surface, because the original third part itself was worse than the second. But first things first. And before us, Capcom’s game that needs no introduction, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

They decided not to continue the plot and the events unfold 24 hours before the twists and turns of the second part. Along the way, we find out what happened to the heroes of the first game, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Barry Burton after the events in the mansion. And, in principle, nothing happened – they returned home, but no one believed them – there is no evidence, and the police chief feeds from the hands of the Umbrella corporation. Frustrated, Chris leaves for Europe. Jill also wanted to, but the trouble is, the city began to flood with zombies, and the brave girl again falls under our care.

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Damn, you already know this all – as Jill learns about the creature hunting for STARS, then the T-virus gets into her body, and now we need to play (albeit only 15 minutes in real time) for the Brazilian mercenary Carlos Oliveira. Which, in fact, helps her out, but it turns out that a lot of time has passed and the events begin to unfold after a day of twists and turns of the second part. In any case, all journalists say that the plot was either written in a hurry or the developers were already dreaming about the fourth part, but it is frankly weak.

  Pokémon Silver: Fan invested over 300 hours in a modern version of the intro

With the atmosphere of a decaying city enveloped in darkness and horror, everything is still in order here. The graphics have remained practically unchanged, except that the special effects have improved slightly – explosions, fire, and so on. The heroes still look like a solid top five, but the backdrops have remained flat, which many do not like. Although it is noted that they added details and colors.

The gameplay is still the same second resident. Monsters are represented in the amount of 10 species, which have now learned to come to life and you need to be careful getting into the rooms where you, it would seem, have already cleaned everything. But here there were exploding barrels that allow you to save cartridges and send several enemies to the next world at once – not that it was a novelty, but for the series it is quite for itself.

  Mortal Shell: Walkthrough

Before the release, the developers claimed that it would now be possible to interact with the outside world. In fact, nothing of the kind and all this interaction boils down to the fact that you can hide behind corners or boxes from enemies, although one way or another you still need to either interrupt them or run past them, so the innovation is so-so.

By the way, from now on there is an opportunity to dodge enemies, which is especially important at high difficulty due to the lack of cartridges.

Toward the end of the game, there is a deliberate delay in the passage time in the form of puzzles that are difficult for the genre, it is not surprising because the game itself is short and takes 5 hours, which is two times less compared to the previous part.

  Resident Evil Infinite Darkness unveiled by Netflix, will be a CGI movie starring Leon and Claire

There are many means of destroying zombies and they can also be loaded with homemade cartridges made from collected ingredients.

The management remained the same, but, as the reviewers note, it could have been improved, because Dino Crisis, which came out three months earlier, was more convenient.

Sound and music also perfectly complement what is happening on the screen and play into the hands of the gloomy atmosphere.

There are no obvious disadvantages, as such, except that there are no innovations, but the transit time.

“Land of Games” completely criticized the game to smithereens – putting 6 points on the result.

  Mortal Shell: Walkthrough

Noting at the same time that the game is completely secondary and was released in order to cut money from the fans. And Capcom is completely lazy and releases after, in principle, similar to Dino Crisis – the game is worse.

As a result – 7.5 points out of 10.

It is certainly good, beautiful, especially for the first PlayStation, but a passable and almost completely inferior game to its predecessor.

What is our lower rank?

TrickStyle is a game from the developers of Criterion, yes, the very ones who will then be responsible for the Burnout series and NFS. Futuristic racing on flying skateboards, which the developers for some reason then called a simulator, saying that they had a realistic physics model here.

  Super Nintendo World: Corona delays opening – as a consolation there is a coffee at Mario

This game is able to surprise and immediately confuses the reviewers with the fact that our ward racer runs slowly at the start so that his opponents immediately overtake him. Although your giveaway to the figs did not bite them, because sometimes even reaching the finish line is not an easy task here. Interestingly, why the developers thought it was a great idea, in addition to competing with opponents, to scatter checkpoints along the track, which you need to get to within the allotted time. Imagine the surprise of some journalists when, being the first in the race and not reaching this very checkpoint, their racer simply stopped driving imitating the universal disorder, although the catching rivals absolutely did not care about it, because time does not affect them. The tracks themselves are tricky here, with a bunch of obscure invisible obstacles and clearly do not contribute to your fast passage.

  Pokémon Silver: Fan invested over 300 hours in a modern version of the intro

In an attempt to change the difficulty, weirdness again, for there is no choice.

The tracks here are related to certain cities and themes – city parks and so on. If you finish in three or four tracks exclusively as a leader, then you will have a bonus level where you need to perform tricks in the manner of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, only this is done several times worse than there and it is not very clear what your opponents are doing here. More precisely, it is clear what they are doing – interfering with you, but why the hell – if the level is bonus, then for you, because you came first.

  Resident Evil Infinite Darkness unveiled by Netflix, will be a CGI movie starring Leon and Claire

But the graphics, in principle, are not bad. Yes, the creators regretted polygons for almost everything and the textures are poor, but the special effects and animation, so to speak, of the pilots are good. Yes, and at high speed you somehow stop thinking about the schedule. In general, by the way, the game has a wonderful atmosphere of futuristic racing – here the designers went to great lengths.

PC controls are disgusting. but on the Dreamcast he was in complete order and it was much more convenient to play on the gamepad. By the way, a few more different game modes have been added to the console.

  Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: How to get the best units (high level)

As a result – a stylish design, good graphics, and a good idea was ruined by an unreasonably high difficulty, a strange route route and some kind of brutally cheating AI. 5.5 points. Although for the Dreamcast, you can throw a ball and a half higher.

Petka and Vasily Ivanovich 2: Judgment Day is a classic quest from SKIF developers about legendary people and heroes of jokes. It is unlikely that it would be worth writing down in the games with a lower rank, because she has a high score, but there is usually nothing to tell about the quests, by and large.

As in any other representative of the genre, here you gaze around studying the surroundings, talk with the characters and occasionally grab what is badly in order to throw it into Petka’s old suitcase, until better times will not come in handy.

  The Treyarch wallet

Subjectly, we have here a direct continuation of the first part that came out a year earlier. Waking up near a structure resembling a statue of liberty, Petka suffers from memory loss. Vasily Ivanovich tells him and, in fact, us what happened before – in this story the whole game takes place. At first we learn from Chapaev that he was abducted by aliens, but heroically left them. And now it seems to him that in the local dry well in the village of Gadyukino, they have set up a scientific laboratory. What we have to check.

Graphically, in comparison with the first part, the game has improved markedly. Yes, the backgrounds and general style here are still cartoonish, but now it looks more three-dimensional than before and is more pleasing to the eye.

  Improved skin tones are being prepared for The Sims 4 –

The whole game takes about three hours, which some reviewers put in a minus, although it depends on ingenuity, and some of them successfully got stuck in the passage a couple of times by missing this subject. I generally remember that I strayed for an hour, and without understanding how to go down into the well, I realized that the genre of quests is clearly not mine. In any case, the game does not get boring and leaves a pleasant impression, so I even want to continue. Apparently, therefore, the publisher of the game, BUKA then released a whole bunch of games in the series until she drove this horse into the grave. And the quality of subsequent ones decreased from time to time with a new release of crafts. Part 9, released in 2009, became the point of no return.

  The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn DLC – Splendeur gothique

Separately, the excellent voice acting is noted. Particularly pleased with the voice of Chapaev himself performed by Alexander Pozharov, possibly known to some in the image of Shura Karetny.

As a result, this is 8.5 points.  duck generally stuck 9.3. The rest were less supportive, but still scored high. A funny plot, nice graphics, high-quality soundtrack made it so that it was not a shame to spend an evening in this game. By the way, a few years ago there was a publication for smartphones and new Windows systems with the prefix “Restart”. Particularly curious can be found.

Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer is a tank action game from the developers and publishers of 3DO, the very ones who pissed away the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Although Yubisoft also basically fucked her up. Anyway.

  Pokémon Go Regirock Catch: Explanation of Markers, Weak Points and Attacks

During 18 missions in Iraq, as the crew of the M12 Hammer tank, we will have to carry out the tasks of destroying the poor fellows of the Arabs, defending key facilities and escorting important equipment.

Controlling the tank is surprisingly easy – according to the standard, the WASD keys are responsible for movement, and we aim and shoot with the mouse.

By the way, we will have to shoot from a machine gun and a choice of 4 types of missiles, one more powerful than the other. If they are not enough, then you can use the carpet bombing airstrike, although there is no particular point in it, because the artificial intelligence of the enemies is stuck in development somewhere at around 10.

  As Star Wars: The Clone Wars showed the effects of Order 66

Opponents are represented by several types of tanks of course Soviet-made, rocket launchers, rare helicopters, and scary bunkers, and there is no joy from their destruction.

There is no plot as such, we are fighting the bulwark of world terrorism, which for a seasoned warrior should already sound like a reward.

Having looked at least at the system requirements, the players understood that nothing outstanding in graphic terms should have been expected, and that everything looks here, with the exception of the equipment itself, so-so. The special effects are especially depressing – a minimum of animation and textures. Any exploding bunker or tank does not cause anything but tears of emotion towards the developers who have done this.

  The Treyarch wallet

If you look up, then we will see a pretty good sky for its time, but if you lower your gaze, then there is sand – sand – sand and monotonous hills. It should be noted that the designers did not bother themselves much in creating the local environment.

The musical accompaniment and sound of the post graphics are rather poor.

And the multiplayer, designed to diversify this action, does not cause joy at all, and this was the case when even a friend did not save the situation, and you can hardly spend more than 15 minutes there. 4.5 points.

Tony hawk’s pro skater

  Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: How to get the best units (high level)

The relatively young then studio Neversoft at that time did not have enough stars from the sky – porting the PC hit MDK to the PlayStation. Yes, the development of the game with Bruce Willis Apocalypse, for which they had only six months, since the project was taken away due to the poor quality of the previous creators. Therefore, this creation can be considered practically the studio’s debut project. And before us is the game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Many people at that time tried to transfer such a famous, or even better to say, hype, extreme sport. However, there was practically no good from the word at all – except that Sega managed then to pile Top Skater for slot machines. But it was more like a circuit race, but here the opportunity to just roll out in a skatepark and start doing tricks literally blew the players’ heads off. What is there not only in the skatepark, but also just on a quiet street, in the schoolyard, in the supermarket and so on. There was even a secret route in Roswell where, according to legend, a UFO crashed.

  The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn DLC – Splendeur gothique

Accordingly, all locations are equipped with smooth rises for better performance of tricks. There are a lot of railings, benches, tables and other junk that can be used for riding and tricks.

In addition, at each location there are certain conditions that must be met. There is no talk of any story mode. What is it – after all, you need to fill 200 thousand points with freaks and we, as a student, sat as rabid until 5 in the morning, knocking out these glasses, increasing our reputation in the apartment. Yes, Sonya came to me a little later.

Also, in secluded places at the location, they looked for videotapes, a certain number of which opened new tracks. Also, these cassettes were given for collecting a certain number of points, or a super secret found. Well, one was given a collection of the word “SKATE”, where can we go without it, and so on.

  Improved skin tones are being prepared for The Sims 4 –

The number of tricks here defies any description, it seems that the developers were able to fit them all. The fact is that each button of the gamepad is responsible for the basic type of tricks and all of them, using the stick, are combined into more and more complex ones. And the better you accelerated and took off higher, the more tricks you will have time to perform and at the end before landing you will still finish off with a couple of revolutions around your axis and, accordingly, you will get more points, because for each successfully performed trick while you are hanging in the air, they have multiplied, practically, in geometric progression.

  Mortal Shell: Walkthrough

If you didn’t have time to level the skateboard for landing, then your on-screen alter-ego would fall, everything burned out, and we had to look for the ramp again in order to start performing breathtaking stunts. Of course, the game had just perfect control and here you could only blame for the failure of the next trick only your sweaty crooked little hands, which tirelessly twisted the stick and pressed the buttons.

By the way, there are 10 skaters themselves here, and each has its own characteristics for the player. Someone had better balance, someone jumped higher, someone spun faster, and so on.

  Super Nintendo World: Corona delays opening – as a consolation there is a coffee at Mario

In addition, there was a split screen in the game and you could clash in a fierce battle with your friend by painting the ramps in your colors.

And of course, the musical accompaniment – which left an imprint on my current passions in music. A variety of styles, from rock to techno, make local gaming literally an aesthetic delight.

Of the shortcomings, reviewers single out the graphics – despite the great motion capture and large arenas, the quality of the textures leaves much to be desired. And the color palette would also be brighter.

As a result, this is 9 points out of 10.

Nobody did this then. Lively skateboarding atmosphere, fine-tuned gameplay and controls, a feeling of freedom and lack of restrictions, wonderful physics, cool soundtrack and unbridled fun. It was by far the best extreme sports simulator at the time.

  Pokémon Go Regirock Catch: Explanation of Markers, Weak Points and Attacks

And now it’s time to say goodbye to September 1999, and we, of course, will return to it in the future, because there are still many games left to tell about. And now for all civilians – to urgently leave the territory, officer Shtarev was with you. See you.

Source: The Verge