We “do drugs” in many ways, with food, alcohol, information, sex, we feel more active by drinking a little caffeine or omnipotent by resorting to heavier substances, even if we knows it’s not really good for your health. make. So we have no doubt that if a drug like the one we are told in the movie Project Power, on Netflix from August 14, was really invented, the success would be overwhelming.

We are in New Orleans, where strange things are happening, ordinary people are performing actions that are beyond normal human capabilities and likewise there are “hits” made by criminals who operate in an almost superficial manner. hero. There is a new drug in the city, in fact, the qualities of which are not better clarified but defined as shocking, passed by mysterious individuals who give it to small local distributors for them to try on the streets. . But why so much generosity? The substance acts differently on everyone, so the effect the first few times will be a surprise even to the client, who will then learn to deal with it (if he survives).

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A hero in spite of himself.

But it is guaranteed that for five minutes you will have some truly exceptional powers. On this pill, which has a very technological aspect even on the outside, the paths of three characters cross: Robin, a nice little girl who sells without scruples to support herself, while she takes care of her mother. sick; Frank, a NOPD policeman, who doesn’t disdain to take the substance himself so that he can fight criminals on an equal footing; Art, a mysterious character, a former soldier tried by devastating experiences, who tries to climb the chain of the pharmacy to reach the top. Where can we find the reason which led him to undertake the risky business?

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Once fate brings them together, they will shift from hostility to solidarity, predictably allying themselves against the real villains, anyone who, in the name of profit, would pass over their mother’s body. And at the end of the food chain, there is the government, which has shown a lot of interest in using this pill.

The story, written by Mattson Tomlin, in his feature debut (now working on Batman with Pattinson and worrying us a bit), is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, already together for Paranormal Activity 3 and 4, Viral and Nerve. , a technological horror thriller starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

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Project Power is another one of those films that won’t go down in movie history, in its mix between Universal Soldier, Stephen King and the X-Men, with a political / social complaint attached. The action is enhanced by plenty of special effects, some of them acceptable, while a streak with a grotesque Hulk-like mutation leaves a lot to be desired. A few good fight scenes, carnage framed from an unusual angle, pumped up songs, complete a movie that has a decent cast, people we are used to seeing in top quality products.

Dominique Fishback, who is Robin, we had discovered in the series The Deuce, with her closed face, with a deliberately stupid expression; Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Frank) is well-known enough not to have to list his films, as is star Jamie Foxx who is art devastated, and both play left-handed, in roles that don’t require too much empathy. . Rodrigo Santoro is the bad guy because he touches him often. Courtney B. Vance (Criminal Intent, ER American Crime Story) can also be seen, another well-known face from her nearly forty-year career.

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If we were normal, we’d say for an hour and a half of air conditioning in a cozy, half-empty movie theater, Project Power might as well be fine. Considering the times we live in and considering the existence (in other meritorious ways) of Netflix, we hope you have air conditioning in the house as well.

Source : Reddit