If we think of Android we think of any smartphone except an iPhone, however all this changed thanks to the cyber security company Correlium. A few days ago the company revealed Project Sandcastle, a beta product that allows us to install a version of Google software on an Apple device.

Project Sandcastle, the software that allows you to install Android on an iPhone

Project Sandcastle: now you can have Android on iPhone

If there is something that nobody can argue about, it is that iOS is one of the most hermetic systems on the market, of course, this has its pros and cons. While Apple users have certain freedoms, they also run into some limitations when it comes to experimenting with their smartphone… until now thanks to Correlium.

Correlium arrived to break the barrier between iPhone and Android. The American cybersecurity company launched the Project Sandcastle beta a few days ago. This will allow us to install the Google software on an iPhone 7… and make it work.

It should be noted that so far the software only works on the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPod Touch, although the company’s software developers say they are working on increasing compatibility. On the other hand, the computer in question must have the Checkra1n jailbreak in order to install Project Sandcastle.

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Finally, it is important to note that not all Android features will be available, that is, it will not be possible to install applications from Google Play. However, we will see all the native Google Apps on the device, but on an iPhone.

But what happens if we install this on an iPhone? beyond managing to cross the barrier of iOS and Android… nothing. To get back to Apple’s iOS software, just turn the device off and on.

The background of Correlium

Although installing Android on an iPhone 7 seems like a great feat, it should be noted that it is not the first time it has happened. David Wang, co-founder of the American cybersecurity company, was the one who managed to install Android 10 years ago on the original iPhone.

On the other hand, Wang is now devoting part of his efforts to getting the latest version of Android, Android 10, to work on the iPhone. The Correlium co-founder explained to Forbes: “The big challenge was that Apple’s hardware is both undocumented and non-standard. Our team knows more about this than most outside of Apple, but we still had to put in a considerable amount of work to build the drivers for it.”

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From Correlium they will continue to improve their software to finally open the doors of the iPhone to Android and that users are free to use their Apple devices without restrictions. The Cupertino company has its sights set on the cybersecurity company, their enmity dating back years. In 2019, the tech giant sued Correlium for allegedly infringing copyrights by creating software versions of the iPhone for security and testing purposes.

Project Sandcastle, the software that allows you to install Android on an iPhone