Like every month, it’s time to know the games that Twitch will offer to Amazon Prime members (and therefore Twitch Prime). You know, if you want to access these titles for free, download them and keep them forever, you have to subscribe to this service.

The games now, which we saw on the Windows Central portal, will be available June 1 to 30. All except Dream Daddy, which can be downloaded from day 5.

They are also attached to the handle of the classic SNK titles which are also being distributed this month with Twitch Prime, as we told you last week.

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Without further delay, We leave you with the recently announced games. You can download them from here when they become available:

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Have you ever wanted to date good parents? Well this game allows you to. Joking aside, the truth is that It is very well written and has a lot of charm. It is developed by Game Grumps. Yes, the Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan YouTube channel.

Forsaken Remastered

The, remaster of the classic 1998 which was released on PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and PC. It’s a first person shooter with a futuristic setting and lots of action. Its peculiarity is that we can move freely within a range of 360 degrees. What just stole, come on.

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The cyberpunk horror game from Bloober Team, the makers of Layers of Fear. We play a detective who must solve crimes by hacking the minds of others. This is the normal version of the title, but it has already been announced that there will be a remaster for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Project Warlock

Old school shots. You have here an independent shooter that takes over from id Software and 3D Realms with a pixelated aesthetic that gives pleasure to watch. Plenty of action against hordes of monsters that we’ll kill with a healthy dose of shotguns.

Steel rats

Another action, although in this case it is very different. Here we walk the streets drive a motorbike, defeat enemies and do stunts. It is played in 2.5D form, that is to say that we move horizontally but we have a certain maneuverability downwards.

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The flame in the flood

You couldn’t miss the typical roguelike. We’re a girl traveling with her dog across post-apocalyptic America, and we have to collect resources to survive as we navigate downstream to where our destination takes us.

Source: Gadgetsnow