Project xCloud is available today for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

Microsoft’s video game streaming service, Project xCloud, is ready to go live on our Android-based mobiles.

Although its global launch will take place on September 15, Microsoft will offer it in a preliminary way (and with a partial catalog) starting today to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Preliminary release and somewhat limited

A few days ago we found out about the Redmond’s definitive plans for the Project xCloud release.

Project xCloud is available today for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

This alternative to Google Stadia will start to be available globally next September 15 both independently and through its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

The video game streaming service will come then with a catalog of more than 100 games that we can enjoy on Android phones directly from the cloud, but Microsoft wants to get ahead of that option.

Thus, Project xCloud will be available today for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, although the catalog will be incomplete and will allow you to play “only” about 30 titles.

To be able to access that option we will have to be subscribers of that service, but we must also have an Xbox controller with Bluetooth (such as the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X) and download and install the latest version of the Xbox Game Pass Beta app which will be made available to users from 3:00 p.m. CEST.

The option will be available to users in all 22 countries in which the service is launched, and Microsoft explained that this preliminary phase will allow them “to ensure a smooth transition in the cloud gaming experience in the Xbox Game Pass application on Android.”

Users of iOS devices will not be able to access the service at the moment: Apple indicated these days that they do not comply with the rules of the App Store, which prevents this solution (or Google’s, Stadia) from working at the moment on iPhones or iPads.

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