Project xCloud: Microsoft and Samsung announce a partnership for cloud gaming

During its latest Unpacked event, the mobile company Samsung announced the collaboration with Microsoft for “a premium cloud-based gaming streaming experience”.

Cnet reports that details on the service are still scarce, but Samsung has announced that Come on Street will arrive on Samsung Galaxy devices. The racing game launched on Windows PC last year.

In a statement to Cnet, Microsoft unveiled further details regarding the collaboration with Samsung.

“We believe gamers around the world should have access to great, high-quality games on the device of their choice,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “Working with partners like Samsung is an important step in our journey with Project xCloud and will help make game streaming more accessible for gamers. We look forward to sharing more later this year.”

Project xCloud: Microsoft and Samsung announce a partnership for cloud gaming

Microsoft is currently testing its xCloud gaming platform, which aims to bring its game library to more devices. The company appears confident in cloud gaming, even suggesting that its main competition will come from other companies like Google and Amazon. Ultimately, the company appears to be aiming to bring the service to as many screens as possible, although a collaboration with Samsung will certainly help.

The company has not yet detailed how xCloud will work in conjunction with its next console, the Xbox Series X. The console is set to launch this year and we expect to receive more details sooner or later at E3 2020.

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Source: Gamespot.

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