PlayStation announced today (29) the long-awaited new game service, which is actually an evolution of ps plus and the union with PS Now. Sony’s promise is that the program will offer a library with hundreds of games and even the possibility of playing games from classic consoles such as PlayStation, PS2 and PSP.

The novelty, which will be available from June of this year, will represent even more competition to other subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass It is Nintendo Switch Online. However, although similar, each one has its differential and appeal.

Because of that, the voxel prepared a comparison showing some of the characteristics of each one. Check out the details of each one below.


The new PS Plus has a bold promise to offer more than 700 games from the PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, PSOne and PSP collection. The titles can be enjoyed both by download and to play in the cloud (not yet in Brazil).

Meanwhile, Game Pass says in the official advertisement that there are “more than 100 high quality games”. The truth is that the library offers more than 440 games (as of March 2022) in the Ultimate plan (more complete), including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games.

Switch Online is different from the other two, as despite offering games, the focus of the service is different. In the most basic plan, the player pays for benefits such as playing online with friends, saving saves in the cloud and playing classic titles.

Nintendo’s official advertisement states that there are more than 100 NES and Super NES games available. And if the subscriber wants, he can still opt for the Additional Plan, where he will have access to around 10 Nintendo 64 games and another 20 Mega Drive games.

Check out, below, examples of games that are available in each collection:

  • ps plus: Death Stranding; God of War; Marvel’s Spider-Man; Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales; return; Mortal Kombat 11;
  • Xbox Game Pass: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy; Sea of ​​Thieves; FIFA 21; Halo Saga; Forza Horizon 5; Minecraft; Back 4 Blood;
  • Nintendo Switch Online: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; Mario Kart 64; Metroid; Super Mario World; Donkey Kong Country; Wild Guns; Alien Soldier; Echo the Dolphin;


The platform issue ends up making Microsoft’s signature more interesting. While PS Plus and Switch Online only work on their respective consoles, with Game Pass Ultimate it offers the option to play in the cloud with xCloud (which officially arrived in Brazil last year).

With this, subscribers can enjoy games on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets and also on other computers with Mac. The options work because in addition to proprietary software, Game Pass works from a browser.


All Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo services are segmented and offer different plans for players. In addition to obviously differentiated prices, the options provide different experiences and benefits. Check below the plans of each service and the benefits (only the plans available to Brazilians were taken into account):

ps plus

  • PlayStation Plus Essential: offers the same benefits that PlayStation Plus members receive today, such as: two monthly games available for download; exclusive discounts; cloud storage for saved games and access to online multiplayer mode;
  • PlayStation Plus Extra: offers all the benefits of the Essential level; offers a catalog of up to 400 of the most popular games for PS4 and PS5, including great hits from the PlayStation Studios catalog and partner studios. Extra tier games are available for download;
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe: includes a catalog of famous classic games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations to download and play, as well as time-limited game trials. Essential and Extra tier benefits are also included.

Xbox Game Pass

  • Console: more than 100 games; new games added all the time; Xbox Game Studios titles available day-of-release and member discounts and deals;
  • PRAÇA: more than 100 PC games; new games added all the time; Xbox Game Studios titles available day-of-release and member discounts and deals;
  • ultimate: 400+ games across consoles, PC and supported mobile devices; new games added all the time; Xbox Game Studios titles available same day of launch; members-only discounts and offers; cloud gaming and free perks including in-game content and partner offers.

Nintendo Switch Online

  • Standard: play online with friends, save backups in the cloud, smart device app, special offers, NES and Super NES games;
  • Standard + Additional Package: everything from the previous one plus Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games, pass additional tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the Happy Home Paradise extension of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


The revamped PS Plus was launched with a slightly “heavy” price and many people also complain about the Switch Online charge (to pay a very interesting amount, you need to get people to subscribe to the Family Plan, which can be used by up to 8 people) .

Therefore, in this regard, Game Pass also ends up being the most rewarding service, since the value fits more in the pocket. Check below the subscription plans and prices:

ps plus

  • PlayStation Plus Essential: BRL 34.90 per month / BRL 84.90 per quarter / BRL 199.90 per year;
  • PlayStation Plus Extra: BRL 52.90 per month / BRL 139.90 per quarter / BRL 339.90 per year;
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe: BRL 59.90 per month / BRL 159.90 per quarter / BRL 389.90 per year.

Xbox Game Pass

  • Console: BRL 29.99/month;
  • PRAÇA: BRL 29.99/month (the first month costs BRL 5);
  • ultimate: BRL 44.99/month (the first month costs BRL 5).

Nintendo Switch Online

  • Standard: BRL 20 for 1 month / BRL 40 for 3 months / BRL 100 for 12 months / BRL 175 for 12 months (family subscription);
  • Standard + Additional Package: BRL 262.99 for 12 months / BRL 421.99 (family subscription).

New PS Plus (starting in June)

Xbox Game Pass

Nintendo Switch Online

amount of games

700 more

More than 400

More than 100

play in the cloud

Not in Brazil)




PS4 and PS5

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC; mobile phones, tablets and Mac (via cloud)

nintendo switch


From BRL 34.90/month

From BRL 29.99/month

From $20/month