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Let’s face it: you don’t get a direct hit like in August every month. Fall Guys is deservedly a wild hit that doesn’t seem to have a half-life – ironically, the depth of the game isn’t exactly great – and having the Modern Warfare 2 campaign on the shelf certainly comes in handy. So quick reminders, if you need them: get these two games by September 1, if you haven’t already.

That day the next swing appears – it’s amazing how fast time flies – and it’s well balanced, although you have more of it when you feel like competing. They are two gigantic pioneers and giants of their respective genres, even if their absolutely dominant days are a little behind them. So let’s …

If you’re not yet a member, you can save 25% on an annual PS Plus membership until September 1: 12 months of PlayStation Plus for 44.99 euros.

PUBG – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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Granted, I was easy prey for PUBG. After well over 1,000 hours in Arma 2, 3 and DayZ, moderator Arma Brendan Greene, better known as PlayerUnknown, was simply on the same page. But to do this kind of Last Man Standing in such a big way and be so successful with it, I hadn’t seen it coming. What a phenomenon the bitter struggle for the survival of 100 players on a small island that would change the landscape of the game for years to come. I admit, I also felt a bit confirmed, because for years I preached the allure of hardcore military sims and even though PUBG wasn’t strictly speaking you don’t have to research DNA d’Arma, that jumps out at you with a daring heart “Tadaa! in a sense right in front.

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You just don’t get anything for free here, you have to use big battlefield tactics that would work in real life, and halfway understand how a gun works at greater distances, but at the same time you have the possibility of having advantages over clearly better competitors, even without divine reactions. play and win. Being the last of 100 is a frenzy that’s hard to describe – and one that a surprising number of countless active PUBG fans have already experienced.

This is the magic of PUBG, whose consoleros are now allowed to enjoy cross play: you feel like the best of the 100, but you only have to be better than the handful of people you meet on the way. the last target circle of the constantly shrinking playing area. And even after a loss, you can usually pick up on a good number of small stage wins because you pulled off a particularly good surprise attack or a nice shot. And at the end you even have the excuse (if you need it) that 99 others wanted to earn too. Masterful psychology that this game uses and therefore unconditional game control – no matter how annoying the actual Battle Royale trend may be.

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You can read what makes the game so special in our original PUBG review.

This way to PUBG in the PlayStation Store.

Rue Figher 5

This series was also a first spark and a guide for an immeasurable number of series. This fifth part was not easy for the fans. No wonder it’s just not a particularly attractive package, especially at the start, compared to Part Four. The launch was catastrophic, once basic features like a story mode were missing for months. What true fans might have fallen apart if the online mode hadn’t been unreasonable. The microtransactions, the rather boring backgrounds, the rare in-game currency of Fight Money to unlock characters, and the one or the other occasion where the characters were used as advertising pillars raised eyebrows. You don’t even have to be a connoisseur of the fighting game scene to realize the real love probably won’t be this time around.

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Dan is the first character in Season 5 for SF5 in winter 2020.

At the same time, it can’t be denied that Street Fighter 5 has at least won the respect of fans after a series of comprehensive updates. Online you can still find opponents without any issues, the roster is more compelling than ever with Season 5, which is about to begin soon – and new characters like Rashid were anything but a weakness in Part 5. game is now mature up to this point and has confirmed that’s still a pretty darn good whip here, at least where it counts. Once the fireballs fly, Street Fighter 5 is an exciting affair to kneel in. Whether it’s just a spin in between to let off steam with the AI, an evening fight session with a friend, or the driving idea of ​​ranking achievements, this game has enough attractions to offer.

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The base version will be available on PS Plus, anyone who later wants to access the Champion Edition with lots of additional content and all characters can be upgraded with the Champion Edition Upgrade Kit for a fee. However, this version is at least suitable as a test pack.

How the game worked on Martin at the time you can read it in the Street Fighter 5 review.

Over here, Street Fighter 5 on the PlayStation Store.

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