By now you will know that over the generation of PS3 something went wrong for Sony, especially in the first half of the console’s life cycle.

Now, he is the former head of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison, to reveal some interesting background of that period in an interview with Edge Game Changer.

Apparently, the Japanese giant made some mistakes at the time that were “fatal”. First, Xbox 360 was underestimated and we all know how it turned out, from a sales point of view.

But Sony didn’t stop there, because the company underestimated another competitor that turned out to be very strong in the end, namely Nintendo Wii.

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According to Phil Harrison, Sony didn’t even consider the Nintendo Wii as a game console:

When we saw Wii, we didn’t see it as a game console, but as a family experience at home. We saw it as powerful from a market point of view. And I thought Nintendo had made a very smart move, targeting a different market than PlayStation and Xbox. I think Nintendo did the right thing in the end and the credit goes to the big N for the success“.

On top of that, we already know that one of the reasons for PS3’s “under-success” was its high price at launch.

What do you think?

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Source: Gamesradar.

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