PS4 firmware 7.50 causes problems for users

The installation of the new PS4 firmware 7.50 did not go well for some users.

On Reddit we find several comments that report a series of problems that started to happen after the new firmware was installed. These problems include failure to read disks, remote synchronization, and consoles connecting by themselves.

The user “Evilsj” reports that after installing the firmware he found the error (SU-30746-0). “The remote doesn’t even turn on now. The power button doesn’t respond, I pulled the power cord out and put it back on, the same message appeared.”

Fortunately, the error was resolved after putting the console in safe mode, installing the new update from there (if you need to put your PS4 in safe mode, you can follow the instructions on the PlayStation support website).

“I downloaded the update and now my disc drive doesn’t work, I had a DVD in there and before I was reading it well, but after the update the PS4 didn’t even accept discs and I had to manually remove what was in it,” if the user “volthunter”.

“After this update my PS4 started to connect randomly. It has never happened before in almost 6 years, and now it happened twice in 3 minutes. It may be related to the update or it is just a coincidence,” asked “salvoddis”.

The user “Hopalongtom” even claims that the update has damaged his console. “Yes, it turned my PS4 into a brick”. Another user asked how it happened, to which the answer was “I have no idea, now it just doesn’t connect!”.

Has anyone here ever had trouble updating their PS4?


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