PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back.

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

We have played Mortal Kombat X on Playstation 4 and we have been absolutely delighted. No need to waste time with the mobile version! The true “mortal” we once loved returns to the screens in a thrilling bloody extravaganza. It is not for children.

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

Who is the next one?

There are some games that you can’t talk bad about. Childhood successes, the mere mention of which brings up fond memories of the distant past. Surprisingly, among them, most of us can find a place for Mortal Kombat, the deadly bloody and deliberately brutal hit of the 2D era. If you’ve noticed the arrival of Mortal Kombat at a conscious age, surely you’ve learned the button combinations of special attacks and fatalities.

There was no real Internet at that time, and there were only two ways to find out about the secret combination: from a magazine of “codes” on the tray shelves, or from a friend who pushed all the buttons and ” accidentally hit the keys on a controller in the correct order. Ah, what times those!

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

If you are a man and you were born in the 90s, you have either played Mortal Kombat or watched others play it. It’s a shame, but after a few great 2D iterations, the series tried to set out on a 3D path and drowned without finding itself.

Success was variable until Mortal Kombat X came out. My “imho”, it’s the best fighting game on consoles (and even more so on PC) since the first two Soul Calibur: tough, professionally predictable, unbelievably beautiful. Plus, it’s so violent and so funny that sometimes you can’t believe it exists. Have video game fans finally overcome the prejudices of those around them about virtual “meat” and can now vent without worrying about the opinions of others? It seems.

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

Is here.

Mortal Kombat X is a 3D fighting game in which you can only move in two dimensions. The player only needs to use the joystick’s cross wheel to have full control of the character. In doing so, the developers got rid of the legacy of their unsuccessful “volumetric” predecessors and significantly reduced the complexity of the controls. Less fanfare, more combat and strategy.

The battle features three dozen fighters, some of whom are familiar by heart even to those who have never played the legendary “mortal” in their life. Additional outfits and customizable fighting styles are available, and the super-inflated African-American Jax can strike with a ranged weapon or perform a more powerful hug/throw. Players are free to choose their own fighting styles, breathing new life into familiar characters and creating difficulties for the enemy. Styles also affect the fighter’s appearance.

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

Of course, the first day I rushed to make the story campaign and in a long afternoon I spent 60% of it, casting the record at home. My thoughts are the following. First of all, the developers did not put on a serious face and decided to just remove it. The characters get into idiotic situations, behave in deliberately stupid and predictable ways, and only make lame jokes that might burn some connoisseur of overseas culture. All on purpose: the plot in the MK series has never been the focus, and here it bathes in its own “anti-fame”. The main thing is the fight itself.

Second, everyone who owns the game needs to complete the story campaign first, and then try the rest of the modes. Unlike previous games in the series, here the journey is as linear as possible: first you face one fighter, then another, then a third, and so on. In the process, you gain control abilities for half the characters and naturally learn effective combo blows. It is essentially an advanced training mode.

What sets Mortal Kombat X apart from modern fighting games (Soul Calibur, for example) is the very crisp and predictable movements of the fighters and the balance of their abilities against each other. There are no cheat moves or hits you can’t predict or block. With at least a bit of experience, every battle will be tense and there will be no shortage of sudden shifts in the balance of power. A missed block can end up with two or three combinations taken to the face. And suddenly you lose, although five seconds ago you were fighting with a sure advantage. The main thing is that there is no feeling of cheating – you instantly realize what you have done wrong and remember how never to repeat it.

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

Hit combinations are displayed when you hit pause, giving players an equal chance in a “deathmatch.” During editorial combat, we repeatedly gave ourselves the upper hand, learning new tricks for the sake of variety in combat. However, personally, I often resorted to the most popular (and cheesy) strategy: wait for my opponent to get close and just hit him with an uppercut. It not only looks attractive, but also does a lot of harm to health.

And, of course, there are fatalities. The bloodiest, the most varied, the most extreme, even the most ruthless. They can and should be taught, discovered and practiced in a specially created game mode. If you don’t want to, you can use the “easy fatalities” tiles: just press a button and deliver the final blow, even without knowing the precious combination. As you already guessed, chips can be earned or purchased for real money. But the thing is, you don’t really need them and they don’t affect gameplay in any way. Do you want to morally destroy all possible opponents? So go for it. You can’t buy any “tricks” here.

In addition to the usual online battles against others, players will find something to do. Already at the first launch, everyone is invited to choose a clan, for whose reputation you will have to fight. All victories in all modes, including the story campaign, give you reputation points, which are credited to the aforementioned organization.

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

Clan-to-clan battles, alliance battles, random encounters with cult opponents, etc., allow you to enjoy Mortal Kombat X on a daily basis, instead of having to go through the same campaign ten times, or just fighting against random players online.

New life

Mortal Kombat X has entered the nextgen era, keeping everything we loved so much. The game is available on all platforms including PC, but I highly recommend giving it a try on Playstation 4.

Several reasons: a great joystick. with a practical crossbar; unique characters, one of which has a deliberately Russian flavor; more Russian-speaking gamers on the network than on the Xbox ONE; lastly, a safe 60fps during battles: the PS4 holds the lead in the console race for good reason.

It’s a shame you have to buy a Playstation Plus subscription for online mode. On the other hand, in exchange for that you will start receiving cool toys every month on up to three Sony consoles (PS3, Vita, PS4), so the investment will pay for itself anyway.

PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

The game is now available in both retail and online stores. You can buy it in Russia through the official publisher SoftClub on its website:

P.S.If anyone wants to fight MK on PS4 please add yourself to my PSN – ngoryainov 😉

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PS4 We play Mortal Kombat X. It’s back

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