The fact that the DualShock 4 is not fully compatible with PS5 games continues to generate much discussion and obviously the choice of Sony as standard in the console world has not gone unnoticed even among personalities and professionals of foreground.

Journalist Jeff Grubb has come to speak of forced obsolescence and today it’s the turn of Albert Penello, a former Microsoft executive who has discussed several aspects of the now imminent next-gen consoles via Twitter in recent months and has now decided to comment on Sony’s stance on the DualShock 4 issue – PS5.

Penello understands Sony’s choice but is certainly not enthusiastic about it and the series of tweets published in recent hours prove it. But let’s go in order and find out the most important points expressed by the ex Microsoft.

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“I’ll probably regret raising the issue, but I was thinking about Sony’s decision to allow DualShock 4 to be used on PS5 only when playing backward compatible games. I have heard their position, “we want a new generation who will take full advantage of this. »New features. “It seems fair. But something is not convincing. Technologically clearly, they work. Other props will be supported (combat stick, PSVR) and that’s fantastic. When you really look at the features of DualSense, there is nothing they are that should stop the DualShock 4 from working.

“Same buttons, same layout. There is literally no reason that DualShock 4 cannot work for all PS5 games. Haptic feedback is not the reason. Most PS5 games will consider PS4 controllers because third parties will release PS4 versions of the games at the end of 2020.

“And for which games will there be upgrades? If a PS4 game running on PS5 gets an upgrade, will the DualShock 4 stop working? Will users have to forgo controller compatibility updates? Otherwise, Sony’s motivation fails when if they have to, it’s a real mess. The craziest thing is that there would have been a better solution, i.e. run DualSense on PS4, stop selling the DualShock 4 and make DualSense your cross-gen controller.

“Sony’s position appears to be a simple decision to make money, which is completely Sony’s right. What I really hope is that this will lead to a cheaper console. If they’re offering it for $ 499 or even more, that starts to be a lot. I also bet DualSense is more expensive than DualShock 4, in my opinion around $ 69 ”.

Although slightly confusing in some passages (the whole question of upgraded games has to do with this? Sony has stated that the DualShock 4 will not be compatible for next-gen games designed for PS5 and these clearly are not) , Penello’s opinion is certainly interesting. What do you think?

Source: GameSpot

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