First of all, it’s mandatory to point out that the pair of presentations that took place last night was nothing more than a digital conversion of the technical panels scheduled for the Game Developers Conference. Therefore, it was assumed not to expect any startling announcements that went beyond a simple overview of the technical specifications of the new machines.

Yet many, including us, expected something more. Because when Playstation collects its users on Twitter and Jason Schreier steps up the dose by talking about “the most exciting console ever,” it’s inevitable that hearts will heat beyond the allowable limit.

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Also because, unlike Microsoft’s cousins, Sony had not yet shown the silhouette of the new console to the public, pick up the DualShock, let’s present the trailer of a new exclusive ready to become the heiress worthy of his workhorses. Instead, we ended up in front of a Mark Cerny who, with his usual composure, gave a long lesson explaining in detail the more hidden potential of the new material. A material which, unfortunately, seems to be more than a step below the competing offer.

In short, the Playstation has never looked like the Playstation. String concerts at E3, trailers for major video games, and the For the Players motto don’t have much to do with what’s seen on the digital scene. Some experts claim that the presentation was primarily designed to satisfy the developer palate, but we think it’s quite difficult that developers don’t already have the architecture of the new consoles at their fingertips; How else could they have started designing next-gen titles?

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In any case, between highs and lows, the technical specifications of the Playstation 5 have finally appeared, which we report in comparison with those of the current generation:

PlayStation 5 Playstation 4
CPU 8 x 3,5 GHz Core Zen 2 (fréquence variable) 8 x 1,6 GHz Jaguar Core
GPU 10.28 TFLOP, 36 CU at 2.23GHz (variable frequency) 1,84 TFLOP, 18 UC à 800 MHz
Architecture GPU RDNA 2 custom Custom GCN
Memory / Interface 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit memory 8 GB GDDR5 / 256 bit memory
Memory bandwidth 448 Go / s 176 Go / s
Internal archiving Custom 825 GB SSD 500 GB hard drive
Débit IO 5.5 GB / s (raw), 8 to 9 GB / s (tablet) Approximately 50 to 100MB / s (depending on the location of the data on the hard drive)
Expandable memory NVMe SSD slot Replaceable internal hard drive
External storage USB hard disk support USB hard disk support
Optical drive 4K UHD Blu-ray player blu-ray player
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To which we attach, below, those of the Xbox Series X revealed exclusively on our pages by Digital Foundry:

Xbox Series X Xbox One X Xbox One S
CPU 8 Zen 2 cores at 3.8 GHz (3.6 GHz with SMT) 8x Custom Jaguar Core at 2.13 GHz 8x Custom Jaguar Core at 1.75 GHz
GPU 12 TFLOP, 52 CU at 1.825 GHz, Custom RDNA 2 6 TFLOP, 40 CU at 1.172 GHz, GCN Custom + Polaris functions 1.4 TFLOP, 12 CU at 914 MHz, GCN custom GPU
Die measure 360,45 mm2 366,94 mm2 227,1 mm2
Processor TSMC 7nm Enhanced TSMC 16nmFF + TSMC 16nmFF
Memory 16GB GDDR6 12GB GDDR5 8 Go of DDR3 memory, 32 Mo of ESRAM
Memory bandwidth 10 Go à 560 Go / s, 6 Go à 336 Go / s 326 Go / s 68 Go / s, ESRAM à 219 Go / s
Internal memory Custom 1TB NVMe SSD Disque dur 1 To Disque dur 1 To
is 2.4 GB / s (raw), 4.8 GB / s (compressed) 120 Mo / s 120 Mo / s
Expandable memory Cartes d’extension 1 To
External memory USB 3.2 hard drive support USB 3.2 hard drive support USB 3.2 hard drive support
Optical drive 4K UHD Blu-ray player 4K UHD Blu-ray player 4K UHD Blu-ray player
Performance target 4K at 60fps up to 120fps 4K at 30fps up to 60fps 1080p at 30fps up to 60fps
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What emerges from these characteristics? Well, first of all, that the muscle factor seems to be definitely in the grip of the Xbox Series X’s “American horses”. Although the console architecture is the daughter of the same matrix, the Redmond machine seems to be a few lengths. ahead of the competition in terms of GPUs. Because despite that of the PS5 processing at 2.23 GHz, the X series can count on a greater number of calculation units, to be precise 52 against 36, as well as 12 of the inflated and superficial calculation teraFLOPS, against the 10 of the future Playstation.

For its part, the PS5 benefits from a higher transmission speed and a seemingly more capable SSD, something the engineers were ready to go all-in-one on. What does this mean in a nutshell? This Xbox Series X builds an architecture designed to reward hard and pure graphics rendering, that made of resolution, frame rate and bandwidth for operation. And this Playstation, on the other hand, has gone all out on reducing load times to a level close to zero, revealing particular characteristics among which those in the audio sector stand out, strictly related to the choices of individual developers.

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In truth, the numbers are destined to stay that way until the actual developer contribution kicks in. From that perspective, Microsoft is currently in a vantage point, albeit a precarious one: Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga is a work of art. intended to take full advantage of technical margin and ray tracing, and it is plausible that this also applies to Halo Infinite’s seemingly revolutionary Slipstream engine. We spoke of a precarious situation because, despite the visual impact, the first exclusive parts of the House of Redmond would be multi-generation versions, presumably “improved”, in a manner similar to what happened during the transition to the mid-generation Xbox One X.

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Likewise, we are sure that Sony’s proprietary studios have the know-how to allow any original project to fit perfectly into the architecture of the Playstation 5, to the point of exceeding all expectations. To justify this claim, just take a look at the past, present and future portfolio of SIE productions: on the one hand, we have The Last of Us Part II, a title that in very few segments of the game has shown technical characteristics that seem to come directly from the next generation; on the other, we have known titles like Bloodborne, a work which at launch was so heavy that it caused loading problems which, in light of the new material structure, would only become distant memory.

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In short, until the artists get to work, we are faced with some pretty similar white canvases and palettes, but certainly not the same: the needle of the scales hangs down towards the Xbox Series X, but it will only be the dexterity of artists in using brushes and painting great masterpieces to make a difference in the long term.

The sheer form of the Xbox Series X has sparked discussion, speculation, and growing hype. The PS5 however remains latent.

On a purely strategic level, however, Xbox is in a dominant position for the first time in years. Although bringing the world’s most powerful console to the market was not enough to fill the eighth generation void, Phil Spencer seems to have fully understood the weight of great original productions. The public saw the new console, along with a few high-caliber exclusives, a number of great acquisitions and many promises for the years to come. And it helped that, in the meantime, Mark Cerny brought the entire Playstation audience together for a boring technical “conference” initially intended only for developers.

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Why is the PS5 team evolving this way? In our opinion, Sony does not want to affect its excellent generational shutdown: we must not forget that in the next three months we will see as many AAA exclusives debut on the best-selling console on the planet, namely Final Fantasy. VII Remake, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. Probably, the company has found it counterproductive to put the plate machine and future projects on before exhausting all of the magazine’s plans, and it’s safe to assume that the “real” reveal will only come in June.

Sony does not want to hamper its generational shutdown, when it brings three more AAA exclusives into play.

The problem is, while Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica Studios, Insomniac Games, and other Sony army troops prepare to unveil plans for PS5, the new Microsoft Games Studios may have already lifted the curtain on a unprecedented programming. . Super studio The Initiative is working on a mysterious project, as well as Playground Games, Obsidian, and most of the latest arrivals. Plus, it’s easy to count without Nintendo Switch, who laughingly and jokingly plans the sequel to Breath of the Wild, while being orphaned by a new instance of Mario Kart and a capable Samus Aran adventure. to honor to Metroid Prime.

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Finally, with regret, we cannot fail to take into consideration the effects of the coronavirus, which in addition to having modified all the communication plans relating to the next generation, even resulting in the cancellation of E3, risks compromising production. new titles. Times of crisis and grueling work schedules are known to have become sad norms in the video game industry, and sacrosanct countermeasures adopted by governments around the world could still sever the legs of many titles in the process. development.

If the production cycle continues without suffering the consequences of the pandemic, we could expect to get our hands on the new machines around November 2020. Okay, but the prices? Authoritative voices claim that subtle performance differences are important signals for speculating on the price of new consoles.

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Looking at the components, it seems pretty hard to assume that the Xbox Series X is debuting for less than $ 599, in fact being a premium product. In contrast, neither Xbox One nor much less Xbox One X has allowed themselves to exceed $ 499 at launch, or the same price many analysts are currently putting on the next Playstation.

For now, in addition to the technical specifications of the two consoles, the only certainty lies in the fact that the advent of the next generation will lift the curtain over an extraordinary period of two years for the software market: in forty years of industry it never happened that many proprietary software companies were working on so many AAA productions.

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In short, we were convinced that the next generational leap would have been a minor event, destined to leave a less deep mark than in the past. But the reality is, against all odds, we may find ourselves facing a decisive upgrade to push the video game market beyond uncharted frontiers.

Source : Reddit