PlayStation 5 it won’t have infinite space, so you’ll have to decide which and how many games to install on the next-gen console. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on an external drive to store PS5 games. In fact, they cannot even be temporarily stored to free up space on the internal drive.

The unfortunate news puts Sony’s new console at odds with the Xbox Series X and Series S, which instead allow you to store next-generation games on an external drive and then move them to internal storage when you need to play them. In theory, this should avoid having to delete and re-download digital games. That won’t be possible on PS5, at least at launch.

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One thing you can do to make sure you have space on your console is to store backwards compatible PS4 games that can be moved to the external drive. These games can be played from an external hard drive, although the speed of the device will likely affect loading times.

The PlayStation 5 storage settings menu

PS5 has an option in the Storage menu that allows you to install PS4 games to external storage, thus avoiding going to clog the internal drive. However, this is a bit of a peculiar option, as you won’t be able to decide where to download games on a case-by-case basis. This means that you may have to move games after downloading, depending on the drive you want to play them from.

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