With the launch of PlayStation 5 is Xbox Series X, gamers will really have to start thinking about storage space again. Both consoles are equipped with fast solid-state drives, which will greatly reduce load times, but the days of expanding storage by plugging in any old portable hard drive are over. In fact, it looks like you won’t be able to expand storage on PS5 at all at launch. This is a potential problem, as the console’s built-in SSD delivers 825 GB of storage space, of which only 670 GB can be used for games.

Microsoft is Sony they are taking different approaches to storage expansion. Xbox Series X and S will offer simple (but expensive) plug-and-play SSD expansion cards (a $ 220 1TB Seagate SSD expansion card will be your only choice at launch). Meanwhile, PS5 will be compatible with normal commercially available M.2 SSDs, but you’ll have to open the console case to install them.

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However, as mentioned above, don’t expect to be able to expand PS5’s storage immediately. The feature will apparently be disabled at launch, with Sony telling The Verge that the option will be “reserved for a future update“.

PlayStation 5 will launch on November 19 worldwide

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