Sony Interactive Entertainment is currently preparing its next generation console, PlayStation 5, which will hit stores in late 2020 accompanied by a new controller.

As revealed by Sony itself, the PS5 controller will be highly similar to DualShock 4, but it will have new technology that allows you to enjoy touch feedback, which will elevate the experience and immersion.

A recent patent showed us the first look at the PS5 controller and how similar it will be to the PS4 controller, but Jim Ryan, president of SIE said that the controller will elevate the experience and your enjoyment of the games.

“I tried the controller on a trial version of Gran Turismo Sport,” Ryan told Famitsu.

“I was very surprised by the feel of the gameplay, very different compared to the current DualShock 4.”

This is a very promising feature, “continued Ryan.”Of course, with the improved graphics on PS4, I think you will feel a great evolution in the gaming experience. “

Sony has yet to reveal when it will reveal the PS5 and although speculation suggests an event in February, we still have nothing concrete.

The company has chosen to reveal PS5 information via Wired on two different occasions, something it will be able to repeat for the controller and new information about the new generation console.