After Microsoft wasn’t exactly covered in fame, Sony came into full swing and showed a great mix of a lot of first party with a good third party photo. The gameplay could have been a bit more often, but that was a great look at the next 12-24 months and what we’re going to be spending our time on on PS5 for now. Here is an overview of all the titles presented. By the way, if you want to know what were the big highlights for us then please: The PS5 Event – These are our top 5 games. The end result would be: PS5: Japan won the Future of Gaming Event!

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Gran Turismo 7 – A first impression and thankfully not just a trailer, but a look through different cockpits right on the runways. The series has come a long way, and Yamauchi’s vision of the perfect racing game for him is turned once again.
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Spider Man de Marvel: Miles Morales – Not Peter Parker, that’s a good change. What this may mean for the game… well, probably not much, the mix of open world and spanking works too well to be thrown overboard.
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Grand Theft Auto 5 and Online: Extended and Extended – Of course, GTA 5 and especially GTA Online are a gaming monster, even decades after its release. It’s easy to forget that this game was already running on PS3… It was a bit questionable when it first opened, but millions of GTA Online players will be happy that it goes without a hitch.
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Athia Project – A pretty back can also delight, thought the heroine of this action adventure and happily jumped up and turned to a fascinating world. Little known, can be a good thing.

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – You’re back and that’s a good thing. This means that there will be more Mr. Zurkon, and a world with Mr. Zurkon will only improve if there is more Mr. Zurkon. So it’s a good thing that these two mascot platforms haven’t been forgotten.
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Stray – Simply adorable. There are trailers to love, and this is clearly one of them. In a world full of robots that seem very human to play a cat, you just want to know what’s going on and what it’s going to be. Oh please, that’s good. Otherwise it would be a waste of brilliant design.
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Come back – The name is silly, but the look is pretty cool. The game? Shoot colored balls or something…? Most importantly, die, learn, and try again, as it should be for a high-end thief.
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AllStars Destruction – Why isn’t it called Twisted Metal? How much could the name have cost if you didn’t take it? There’s everything here, though maybe not as bloody as it was back then, but otherwise: it’s twisted metal in a comedic look, at least from the trailer. And that would be a good thing. In any case, better than the real empty name.

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Sackboy: a great adventure – Hey, you haven’t forgotten! I would have thought they would have forgotten about it at some point. But no, Sackboy is back, he looks like a very cute hop, but not as creative as Little Big Planet. Regardless, there are dreams for it, Sackboy can just go play.
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Oddworld Soulstorm – Well he lives, he thrives, and the new trailer is awesome. He would have liked to show more, but it’s also a series that would have long deserved a new big game and will arrive soon. Everything is fine.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits – A new generation needs a new Zelda, no one knows that better than Nintendo and therefore everyone has to see where to find their own Zelda. It feels like a big 3D action adventure, with the little Wusel creatures following the slightly confusing heroes. A little Pikmin lost there? If so, would that be a good thing? I suppose.
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Goodbye Volcano High – Indie for furries? Come of age for the monsters? The most beautiful game of all time? What’s the biggest shit since digital? Who exactly knows?

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GhostWire: Tokyo – Creepy Shit Shoots. So you can summarize the first impressions that were shown by the game itself. Very animated, without being really animated, of Japanese horror, mixed with fantasies of power, there is potential that is both cult and trash. Or cult garbage.
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JETT: Le Far Shore – Alex is its highlight and it’s fascinating when you think about how long Sword & Sworcery has been and the Superbrothers haven’t played since then: it could hit that deeply mystical and mythical notch yet again, if not more than SciFi. Greatest independent candidate of the year.
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Godfall – A really big special prize please for the worst use of music in a fantastic action RPG please. Those are almost the flashbacks from the Spring 2000 trailer that you get here. Was it meant to be retro? But maybe that should just distract you from the fact that Godfall seems pretty insignificant.

NBA 2K21 – Another special prize, this time for the best Next Gen sweat beads in 2020. In 2021 I want to see even more great sweat.

Solar Ash – The Hyper Light Drifter people once again show off rich pastel colors in a mystical universe. Pleasant to watch, but still a little blurry what will be the playful touch. But keep an eye out for it and only for this beauty.
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Demon Souls Remake – It was time! Where did this giant dragon appear? Have we always had cultists by the lake? I should replay the original, that was just too long ago. And yes, if I wanted to see a remake, this one. More than Bloodborne.
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Resident Evil VIllage – Is writing Village, but this is just a trick to hide something from VIII. The werewolves, a lonely village, pretty crazy Resi-Lore, at first glance everything seems to be here that can somehow adapt. It can be even better than the last part which is already excellent. Oh what, it will be much better. There are werewolves. Werewolves do everything better. And I’m frugal about it, I really like The Howling 2, better known as Stirba Werwolf Bitch.
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Deathloop – Arcane is still alive, that’s good news. You never know with them that a lot of people ignore their adorable game. Deathloop has an interesting story – even if it’s Live, Die, Repeat – again, a cool design and I’m not the least bit worried about it. the mechanics of the game.
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Little Devil Inside – Another artistic action adventure. Beautiful look, inviting prints, just in a playful way, it doesn’t seem to want to leave familiar ground too far. But even if it does, it wouldn’t be bad in itself. An attentive candidate.

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Bugsnax – Oh, the PS5 is backwards compatible with the PS3… or something. At least it was the perfect game to downplay the technical impressions of Horizon 2 and make it shine. But it actually looks pretty cute here. Looked.

Horizon 2: Forbidden West – Travel to the West, anyone …? In a way, it looks like me, I don’t know why. The big question will be how and if you can and want to finish solving Part 1 and what you can do with it. The world is certainly good for breathtaking prints, I don’t care. But can you repeat what made Horizon so special? I can’t wait to find out.
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PS5– The design has been revealed. Does anyone know the “Soulja Boy consoles”? This is what it looks like to me. Especially with the reader slot. In a way… inexpensive. Well, at least it’s not a black block. And “in reality” everything looks very different again. Very good bold design. I’m getting involved with that for now.
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