PS5 it will be backwards compatible but Sony has focused on this aspect with much less force than Microsoft and the Xbox division and the verdict of our Lorenzo Mancosu is clear from this point of view.

“The use of the player was forcibly limited to backwards compatibility, and we are about to touch an area wrapped in a blanket of smoky communication, because there is still no clarity about the enhancement features and which experiences they will touch. Some titles will receive patches dedicated to the next-gen, which in the course of our test only happened to Days Gone (dynamic 4K at 60fps), while still others could give life to errors, such as Smite by Hi-Rez and some chapter of Assassin’s Creed. But what happens, instead, taking into consideration other experiences?

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“The situation is complicated: instinctively we would be led to think of a full parity backward compatibility filed by the boost mode, but the truth is that many IPs take care of themselves. In Bloodborne, for example, the loading times of a teleporter from the Hunter’s Dream at Yharnam Centrale they have been reduced from 18 seconds on PS4 Pro with SDD (and from over 30 with hard disk) to just 10 seconds on PS5, while the framerate remained fixed at 30fps. In the case of Sekiro, however, the framerate on the mid Sony’s gen was around 40fps, a situation that appears to have improved on the shores of PlayStation 5.

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Source : Reddit