Update: There appears to be a new update related to the interview with Ali Salehi and comes straight from whoever translated the original piece, man4dead. Here is what was said on Twitter:

“I must point out that Ali Salehi no longer confirms the content of the interview for personal reasons. The interview has been deleted. I do not know why. “.

Obviously, this rather drastic measure gave rise to several speculations, too harsh personal assaults received, to the intervention of the upper floors of Crytek who would not have appreciated these statements of Salehi. All the assumptions and some certainties.

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Original news: the inevitable comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X which, as tradition is called “console warfare”, is in full swing and to fuel the fire there are not only official statements from the bosses of both companies at play, but also the more or less impartial opinions of various developers. Today we are talking about a recent interview which has as protagonist Ali Salehi, rendering engineer by Crytek.

Salehi was interviewed by an Iranian portal and the translation is from Twitter user man4dead. The translation will still need to be verified but it seems pretty reliable and has already caused some spicy reactions which we will talk about very shortly. In any case, Salehi talks in detail about the comparison between the two new generation consoles, coming to throw us off balance with a certain decision: PS5 reportedly better than Xbox Series X thanks to no bottlenecks and ease of programming.

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“The developers say the PS5 is the easiest console to program to (ever) reach peak console performance. At the software level, programming for PS5 is extremely simple and there are many elements that guarantee absolute freedom for developers. Overall I can say the PS5 is a better console.

“The Tflops show that this component, in the most optimized and ideal situation, will achieve performance of a certain type. The number of Tflops indicates an ideal and theoretical condition. Many factors have to work together and each part conditions another and provides the results needed for other components. If any of these factors is not fast enough, it results in poor performance in other parts. A good example is the comparison between the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The PS3 had more flops than 360 but in practice due to complications and pitfalls it never reached the peak performance it had. on paper, which is why you shouldn’t focus too much on these numbers. Figures that for the majority of players mean nothing.

Engineer Crytek also talks about the importance of SSDs:

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“The first thing that happens with top speeds like 8-9 GB / s is loading screens disappear from games. Second point, Microsoft has already shown the possibility of stopping games and resuming them from the point where a precise pause for several games is active, all in less than 5-6 seconds thanks to Quick Resume, which will occur in less than a second on PS5.

“As a developer developer, what console can I find better? Without hesitation, PS5 for sure. As a programmer I say the PS5 is much better and I don’t think you can find a programmer who can point out an advantage of the Xbox Series X over the PS5. They have to use DX and Windows for Xbox, which have been around for years, while Sony creates APIs and software from the ground up however they want for each new console they make. A positive aspect both for us and for them ”.

Lots of interesting elements of a voice that, as always. can not be argued. As said time and time again, too little has been seen on PS5 and, as has been said time and time again, it will be the video games (and price) that will have the final say.

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