• The PS5 does not support expansion of the SSD storage at launch
  • The M.2 slot is only activated with an update
  • A new video reveals the Game Preferences option on the PS5

Only about two weeks until the release of the PS5 and Sony is not stingy with new information about the next generation console. It has now been officially confirmed that the SSD storage expansion via the internal M.2 slot is not yet supported for market launch.

PlayStation 5 will be sold online for the first time in console history (thanks, Corona), but it will still contain a fast 825 GB solid-state drive. The M.2 slot, which was initially deactivated, was installed by the leading PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny at the beginning of the year, so now the fact is official: The interface will only be activated with “future updates”. The support for external USB storage, which is suitable for PS4 titles, is given on the first day.

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In this regard, Cerny allegedly places a number of high demands on the performance of the M.2 SSDs so that they can work efficiently with the PlayStation 5. This includes compatibility with I / O controllers and the ability to deliver a bandwidth of more than 5.5 GB / s over a PCIe Gen4 connection.

In addition, Sony has released a new video for the Playstation 5 that shows the console’s setting options. If you pay close attention, you can see a tiny detail in it that can only be seen for a fraction of a second, but provides a glimpse of a previously unknown function of the PS5.

The Game Preferences option allows you to set preferred options that will be applied to any game that supports this feature at startup. For example, you can use the corresponding menu to specify your favorite difficulty setting, whether you prefer to play in first or third person mode, whether the main focus should be on performance or resolution, and much more.

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The closer we get to the launch of the PS5 on November 19th, the more such small details will probably come to light in the settings of the new console. With us you can also find out what you can play at the release of this next-gen console and which titles will even run on it at 120 fps. In addition, from today and for the next few days until the launch, Alex and Martin dare a multi-part comparison of the two next-gen consoles, aspect by aspect. Here it starts:

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