Suddenly it is there – so almost at least – the new generation of video game consoles. Xbox Series X and PS5 come onto the market as quickly as possible and thus put their cards on the table – only that neither one nor the other starts with a full deck, because there aren’t too many games yet. Corona can certainly do more than the respective manufacturers. Nevertheless, we can already make a few useful statements about the two new platforms that Martin and I have been testing extensively for a good two weeks. The hope is to make the purchase decision a little easier for you when the devices hit the market on November 10th (Series X) or November 19th. Therefore, in this series of articles, we will gradually go through various individual aspects, based on which we will compare the consoles.

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It all starts with processing and format. The fact that the first impression counts is one of those baby boomer rules of thumb that have long been lost as much as the parents and grandparents generation would like to see. But in the case of consumer hardware, it is often everything you have first and often decides whether a product is perceived as valuable, cheap, expensive, desirable or not. So how are Xbox Series X and PS5 doing in this regard?

Surprisingly small: the new Xbox Series X

Wow, it’s a lot smaller than expected. All the memes with fridges, 2001 monoliths and whatever else there was and then this tiny thing is here now. Basically, the Xbox Series X should be pretty much the same as the Xbox One X in terms of volume, only distributed a little differently. Since I have it lying on its side and not standing on edge as a cuboid, the width is almost the same, in terms of depth it is half and in height it is double. Since I honestly have no conscious memory of when I last used the One X drive, I can ignore that with the Series X and hide the console a little to the side next to the soundbar and under the TV, with the large fan on the side with the green behind it points teasingly forward. Almost a shame that it is not subtly illuminated, but then that would soon annoy me, so what does it mean.

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The whole family gathered: the big PS parents and the small Xbox. I didn’t think the size differences would be so drastic.

And there it is, small, hidden and all the lines that I wanted to write here, how it dominates the room and, as a room decoration element, triggers heated family discussions … no longer necessary. The thing is practically hidden behind the Nubert soundbar and TV. You can choose whether she stands or lies better, you should only leave enough centimeters of air for the ventilation outlet. There is nothing to complain about or much to report about the service. The two buttons for the eject and pairing are easy to feel, have a clear pressure point and are only noticeable by noticing how little they are. The Xbox power button is the usual logo seamlessly framed in the housing, which you just press in two millimeters. So there is no news here either.

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The Xbox stands like a monolith, the PS5 doesn’t necessarily need the round base and stands as it is, but it is certainly better with it. Even if it is sometimes fiddly to place the part correctly with the curved shape.

No matter how you twist and turn it – literally – in comparison to the almost titanic design of the PS5, the Xbox Series X is a tiny little thing. And if you don’t list space-consuming furnishings in your Passions, that’s a bonus for me.

Stand-up collars are back in: The PlayStation 5

Here – as Martin already suggests – the first impression is reversed. The PS5 managed it and is a little bigger than I feared. The old PlayStation 3 “Fat” looks small on the other hand, even if the PS5 with its waist reminiscent of 360 makes a slimmer impression overall. It is rather the height – placed upright on the stand, a good 40cm – that simply looks enormous. After all, it still fits in my Ikea Byas TV cabinet lying down with around 6cm of space on each side. Anyone who has always used Kallax or Expedit for their PS4 and other gaming devices can, however, first register bulky waste, because if the last PlayStation was just stuck inside, this solution for the PS5 is no longer an option.

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Then again – as with the Series X – you get the impression that the designers also want to see the console upright. Proud and a little vain with a tummy tucked in next to a beautiful new 4K TV, not hidden under it. Ergo, the console looks a lot better standing up than lying down – which, in my opinion, is even more true of the Series X, which I really don’t like lying down.

The PS5 is solid from the touch. The white “stand-up collar” is a bit flexible when you press. You can also see in the teardown video from Sony that these inserted side flanks are intended for cleaning work or an upgrade of the storage space for “peeling off” and must therefore be flexible. Nevertheless: valuable and, thanks to physical, differently shaped buttons instead of unintuitive touch fields, also good in operation!

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Almost invisible: the two buttons under the drive are easy to feel, but difficult to see.

The round base is a bit fiddly when you want to lay the console out horizontally. It is attached upright to the base of the PS5 with a screw hidden in the base. No problem so far. For lying down, the rear edge of the lower side part is inserted into two rubberized grooves, which is also not that tricky in theory. But if you want to move the console a little on the shelf or pull out a cable, the stand slips out. Always lift the device slightly when adjusting it! Otherwise I am very happy with the stand. The PS5 has a slightly floating look across it. I notice that I’m slowly getting used to the extravagant exterior.

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