Towards the end of the last generation it got quieter: The One X in practically all forms was pleasantly quiet and even the last revision of the PS4 Pro pulled itself together tremendously after the first PS4s began to be loud in middle age. So, of course, the question of how the new devices would fare in this regard was a surprisingly important one in advance. Especially when you consider how little the noise level has to do with the gaming experience itself.

PS5 and Xbox Series X have noticed in any case that the noise that sometimes escaped from the earlier devices fell on the alarm clock and so there are no acoustic catastrophes to be feared here – the aircraft sound of a launch 360 taking off we will probably never get it again. Both devices are relatively quiet and cool, even if they achieve this goal in different ways: The Xbox Series X with a decidedly compact design and extremely powerful, targeted cooling, the PS5 with a large, airy housing. Here are our impressions in detail.

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Stealth is written with X – the ventilation of the Xbox Series X.

Is it on? A question that I keep asking myself because I have not yet configured when it should turn it off when it is not in use. But that’s just the pause mode, the idle mode in which she doesn’t even whisper. As soon as I look, it feels like it’s over again, but you hardly notice that from 40 centimeters, because it’s behind the monitor and the PC under the table is very quiet, but its distant buzzing still drowns out the Xbox. It’s almost scary.

After several hours with Assassin’s Creed, Forza Horizon, Destiny 2 and Red Dead 2, very little changes. That thing doesn’t get loud. It doesn’t even get really audible. Yes, if nothing is making noise in the area, if no playing tone can be heard, then you can hear that something is blowing softly. But even after eight hours of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla in continuous running, you have no chance of hearing the console if the game is even making soft sounds. You have pretty good waste heat upstairs, it’s not like Series X has nothing to do with Red Dead 2. But it disposes of its waste heat very discreetly and as quietly as a whisper.

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That didn’t change when a DVD and Blu-ray were inserted. Something that I practically don’t do in the age of streaming, but there are sure enough of you who still value it and the Series X is one of the quietest players that ever had. As soon as film sound is even running quietly, you have to have excellent ears and make sure that the console is running. When filming, she stood about three meters away from the TV and you couldn’t make out that she had to shoot something. On the gaming side, I threw in Dragon Age: Inquisition and there you could hear the installation quietly. Mainly because nothing else was running, my windows are well soundproofed and the neighbors are quiet. In the game, at normal volume? Nothing that is big – or small – noticeable.

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But, and for the sake of fairness, it should be noted here directly, the PS5 also practically does not respond. The days of the old aircraft turbine called 360 or the howling PS3 are probably over for good.

The PS5: Very quiet – except when a game Blu-ray is inside

Well, I don’t know Martin’s new “playground” yet, but I’ve rarely asked myself whether the PS5 is on at all. Maybe my ears are just worse too? It’s pretty quiet, no question about it, and especially no comparison to the PS4 Pro or my new i9 PC (even when idling). But it is not silent. After all, when you play from the hard drive, the PS5 is very quiet, in addition to the whirring heard by Martin on the Xbox Series X. Especially when it competes with the playing tone.

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But: Above all, the Blu-ray drive, it seems to me, turns up every now and then, even if I haven’t even started the game that’s inside. And the drive is actually not exactly quiet. But yes: I will get used to leaving the disk drive empty if possible. Otherwise, however, I’m not worried that this will bring back memories of the launch PS4 Pro. This is a very quiet device and I admit that being able to give this all-clear makes me very relieved. The fan roar of the Pro was definitely a burden and one of the reasons why I’ve been playing PlayStation less and less recently. On the PS5 I never worry about the noise development – what a relief.

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