Some next-gen games, including NBA 2K21 and the Demon’s Souls remake, will be priced at $ 10 above current prices. $ 70 could become the norm in the next-gen, and now one of the largest publishers in the industry has considered the possibility of this increase.

The CFO of IT’S AT, Blake Jorgensen He said on a conference call that it’s premature to discuss price hikes, but noted that games are becoming richer experiences that cost companies more.

We’ve always said that games are getting more expensive. The experience is getting deeper. The time people play is getting longer. It could be argued that this may require a higher price over time, but we will address this as we have more games coming in the transition to the next generation.“Jorgensen said.

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Basically, we stay focused on the excitement of what we can do with the new games and the price will follow. We will find out. We don’t know yet if the price will rise. What we do know is that we will be able to do a lot more with the new consoles“, he added.

Jorgensen is not the first executive to point out that the cost of development has risen and therefore a price increase may be needed. The CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick defended NBA 2K21’s $ 70 price tag saying, “we have not seen a price increase for almost 15 years and production costs have increased by 200 to 300%“.

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Previously, the former PlayStation executive Shawn Layden had noted that the cost of game development has increased 10 times and, in the meantime, the price of new games has remained stable at $ 60. “If there is no price elasticity, but huge costs, the model becomes more difficult“Layden said.

EA is presumably working on more next-gen games, one of which we know is the new Battlefield.

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Source: Gamespot.

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