It is not the first time Hideo Kojima sneaks it up on us. During the weeks leading up to the announcement of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, posed as a fictitious company and a masked man, who would finally introduce us to the new game in the saga.

During the past Gamescom something similar happened again. At the Sony conference we could see the trailer for a new survival horror in first person, created by a company called 7780 Studios. At the end of the trailer we were encouraged to try the playable teaser that was available on the PlayStation Store, from that very moment. The bait was already ready. After a few hours, the users who had managed to complete it completely, let everyone know that it was a new Silent Hill created by Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro. It also starred Norman Reedus, The popular Daryl Dixon in the tv series The Walking Dead.

We have already tried the demo and we want to tell you what we think. First of all, several conditions must be met to play properly:

Lights off: we are no longer children. All our fears have to be faced.
Full blast volume: If we play with helmets, the better.
Take it seriously: If we play while we eat Doritos, in addition to ending up fattening the Dual Shock 4, we will miss a lot of things.

That said, we woke up on the floor of a mysterious room, with the only company of a ___roach. After opening the door before us, we appear in the corridor of any house. The first thing that strikes us is the spectacular lighting and the graphics. We cannot run, use any object or equip weapons of any kind. We just follow the only possible path while looking at the many details like old photographs or beer cans. After entering through the only possible door we reappear at the entrance to the corridor.

The clock continues to strike the same time and everything seems the same but a scare always awaits us when we least expect it. Gathering all our strength, we keep moving forward as we see doors closing on their own, we hear knocks and a crying baby. The structure of the corridor and the time loop in which we are locked makes that after repeating the same path several times we lower our guard. It will be then when we will find something different, a detail that distresses us when we least expect it.

One of the things that we liked the most about Silent Hills, is the feeling that he recovers from the games of before. In recent years, we have become accustomed to having an arrow on the screen, which at all times indicates the direction we have to take. By pressing a simple button, the game itself tells us what the current objective is. Those of you who have played the first Silent Hill will remember the frustration of the ingenious puzzles, which had you for hours, trying thousands of different things until, finally, you managed to overcome them.

This demo manages to recover this feeling. In fact, there are no precise steps to complete it and the good ending has only been seen by a few. The intention of Kojima is that we rack our brains and speak through different forums, while we try to get something clear.

Hideo Kojima He has assured that we will need some spare pants after playing the game. For once it’s not about hype. The Japanese developer has also ensured that PT It is a simple experience and its characteristics will not necessarily appear in Silent Hills.

The first-person camera is likely to disappear, but we’d love for everything else to stick. Undoubtedly a must experience for holders of a PlayStation 4 and excellent news for those of us who miss having a bad time with a survival horror. A genre that is having a second youth with the announcement of several titles that will arrive in the coming months. If any of them get the same feeling of helplessness and overwhelm that we have experienced with PT, we can feel lucky.

Have you tried it? What do you think? Those who do not have one PlayStation 4 nearby, you can see it in the following video.