• The playable Silent Hill Teaser PT is not playable on the PS5
  • A short while ago it was still possible
  • The decisive factor is a decision by the publisher

Kojima Productions’ playable teaser for the discontinued Silent Hill reboot, PT, is still slumbering on the hard drive of some PS4 players, on the PS5 you can get a sneak peek of what will never be, but no longer play.

After Hideo Kojima said goodbye to Konami and the game was discontinued, PT was also removed from the PlayStation Store.

The interesting thing about this situation is that PT was actually playable on the PlayStation 5, as Polygon reports.

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No horror in PT on PS5.

On October 24, 2020, it was tried out with the PS5 test device from Polygon and it still worked. But that has changed in recent days.

For example, PT is now listed as a “Playable on PS4” title meaning it cannot be played on the PS5. And after Polygon’s editor reset the console to the factory settings this week, a transfer from the PS4 to the PS5 was no longer possible.

The site asked Sony about this and received confirmation from a company spokesman that the change in PT’s backward compatibility was based on “a publisher’s decision”. It shouldn’t be difficult to guess who it was.

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Sony had previously warned that some content, including demos, which could include PT, is not compatible with the new console. In any case, PT is not explicitly mentioned on Sony’s support site.

So if you want to deal with PT in the future, you have to continue to do so on the PlayStation 4.

How it is otherwise with PS4 games on the new console, you can find out in Digital Foundry’s test of PS5 backward compatibility.

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