PU screenshot challenge: the results!.

More than a month and a broken Lupé inbox later, the time has finally come: all submissions to the big Power Unlimited screenshot challenge have been received and it’s time to vote. Who has the best virtual photography skills?

Update: the results!

The ballot boxes have been closed, the public has spoken and the jury has heard of the vote. It is with great pleasure that I can now announce who became the winner of the (first) Power Unlimited Screenshot Challenge!

PU screenshot challenge: the results!

None other than Scythe (screenshot # 13)managed to impress us with his artful view into the world of Trico and his owner, which was good for no less than 25% of the votes. Congratulations!

You can now see the rest of the results in the poll at the bottom of the page. All names with the screenshots have now also been announced. Thanks for voting and much more for the awesome submissions! Please also let us know in the comments if you liked this, so we might be able to do this more often!

PU screenshot challenge: the results!

Original message:

The (second) deadline of the big PU Screenshot Challenge has passed and we have received some dazzling in-game images. The time has come to put our professional eye to work and decide together who is the best. An important task, as the winning photographer will soon see his or her work shine in the Power Unlimited magazine! This could be the August or September edition, it depends on when it has to go to the printer and all, you know …

PU screenshot challenge: the results!

You can vote until next Sunday 9 July, 12:00 PM. That is also the moment when the winner will be announced. To keep things extra exciting, we will not show who took which screenshot until then (although the attentive reader will recognize at least one).

Here are all 15 participating screenshots in a row, after which you can make an informed choice in the poll. Everyone can participate in the decision-making! Download or open the screenshots in a new tab to study them more closely. Good to know: there was just one PU editor so brave to participate. If his / her screenshot is chosen as the best, second place will receive the prize. May the best win!

PU screenshot challenge: the results!

Screenshot # 1 – Soldier24

Screenshot # 2 – SombreroSnor

Screenshot # 3 – Derek van Winden

Screenshot # 4 – Alie

Screenshot # 5 – Enzevil

Screenshot # 6 – NatteZok

Screenshot # 7 – LéonTheProfessional

Screenshot # 8 – Molkwerum

Screenshot # 9 – Mark Drees

Screenshot # 10 – MvR

Screenshot # 11 – PappyLanky

Screenshot # 12 – Gameguy

Screenshot # 13 – Scythe

Screenshot # 14 – Flami

Screenshot # 15 – Remy561