This Wednesday, May 5th, PUBG Continental Series 4 (PCS4) starts today, which recorded a record number of teams entered in Latin America.

The tournament will have 160 Latino teams vying for eight spots in the Group Stage, while the North America Trial has 80 competitors. The Grand Final will be on June 25th and will have a prize pool of US$250,000.

PCS4 Americas will be broadcast live from the Group Stage on the official Portuguese PUBG channels on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

More details below:

PCS4 is the second competition on the official competitive circuit of the Americas, which brings together teams from Latin America and North America. The ESL PUBG Masters, concluded last Sunday (2) with the victory of the North American Shoot To Kill (STK), inaugurated this circuit.

Each of the sub-regions has its own Open Qualifiers and Group Stage. Teams from the two sub-regions come together to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier and Grand Final.

Check the PCS4 Americas phase schedule below.

Open selective

Phase with open participation for any interested teams. Latin America had a record number of registrations, with 182 teams registered, of which 160 managed to participate in the selective, according to the schedule below.

Round 1 – Day 1: May 5 (160 participating teams, 64 advancing)
Round 1 – Day 2: May 6 (64 teams participating, 32 advancing)
Round 2: May 8 & 9 (32 participating teams, 16 advancing)
Round 3: May 11 & 12 (16 participating teams, 8 qualify)

Group stage

The Latin American Group Stage will have 24 participating teams: the eight qualified from the open qualifiers and the 16 best placed in the ESL PUBG Masters Group Stage.

They will be divided into three groups and will face each other in 30 matches, over six days, according to the schedule below.

Week 1: May 14th, 15th and 16th
Week 2: May 18, 19 and 20

The top 6 will automatically qualify for the Grand Final, while the teams from 7th to 14th will have a new opportunity in the Last Chance Qualifier, alongside North American representatives.

Last Chance Ranking

This stage will have 16 participating teams – 8 from Latin America and 8 from North America – facing each other in 12 matches on May 22nd and 23rd, in search of four spots for the Grand Final.

Grand final

The Grand Final will feature 16 participating teams: top 6 from Latin America, top 6 from North America and top 4 from the Last Chance Qualifier. They will face each other in six days over three weeks, as per the schedule below.

Week 1: June 10th and 11th
Week 2: June 17th and 18th
Week 3: June 24th and 25th