PUBG Corp. provided more details regarding Update 1.0 for PUBG Mobile, which hits the game on September 8th featuring a revamped version of the Erangel map.

Information about this can be read below in the official press release.

São Paulo, September 1, 2020 – Update 1.0 hits PUBG MOBILE on September 8th and brings with it a new revamped version of Erangel. promising a new and refined combat experience while retaining classic map elements. The new Erangel offers improved graphics, loot rebalancing, and changing the distribution of buildings and structures.

The changes to the game’s most popular map are the fruit of months of analysis and testing by the PUBG MOBILE team. Discover the news in detail:

New map elements — Forgotten trenches, tree trunk barriers, abandoned tanks and bunkers are the new features for players to devise strategies and tactics to achieve the expected victory.

Great resource exchange points — Popular in-game destinations such as Sosnovka Military Base, Mylta Power, the Mansion, Prison, and Mine, among others, will have their loot and resources rebalanced. Players can expect better rewards in rural areas.

changes in buildings — Several buildings and shelters in the new Erangel have been changed and improved. It will be necessary to adapt attack and defense strategies according to the changes.

improved graphics — The lighting system has been updated, bringing the light, water and vegetation effects to life. This will allow players to see reflections in the water and perceive indirect sunlight. The quality of models and textures has been improved to make battles more realistic, such as particles, textures of buildings and surroundings, air displacement, firing flashes and interaction with weapon sights. The “Ultra HD” function can be unlocked to bring you an unprecedented high-quality experience.

Alongside the map changes, PUBG MOBILE’s user interface and interactive experience have been completely revamped to provide a more intuitive experience. With an emphasis on interactions, visuals, movement and sound effects, PUBG MOBILE has launched the multi-screen switching mode and reorganized the existing functions in the lobby pages. The gaming, community, and shopping sections have been separated into three different spaces, making access easier and creating an interface. It is also possible to customize the layout according to your preferences.

By bringing a new user experience and a new Erangel, PUBG MOBILE marks the entry into the new era “Beyond ACE” that will redefine mobile gaming. Update 1.0 will arrive for free on the App Store and Google Play platforms.