PUBG Mobile is being taken over by several Titans due to the game’s partnership with Godzilla vs. Kong. Now, it’s Mechagodzilla’s turn to invade Livik, while Kong puts Sanhok upside down.

Players will be put to the test in themed scenarios and will be able to make use of new functions, in addition to exploring different ways of interacting with the giants.

More details are available below. PUBG Mobile can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play Store.

With update 1.4, powerful titans have appeared on the maps of Erangel, Sanhok and Livik. It is possible to select the Attack on Titans mode at the start of each match, and when the battle begins, these colossal creatures move randomly across the map. Despite being passive with players most of the time, getting too close can cause them to turn hostile and become a threat.

In addition to being extremely dangerous, giants also absorb energy and release it in the form of Titan Crystals. These crystals offer different special effects, such as a throwable item or a power-up that enhances the player’s abilities.

King Kong turns Sanhok upside down

King Kong is now available in Rainforest mode to interact with players. During this new mode, you must avoid being trampled by the Monkey King, otherwise all players will receive 100 points of damage. It will also be possible to face King Kong at random times of the match, whose location will be shown at all times on the map.

King Kong will also serve as a source of crystals that give players special abilities. During the adventure, it will be possible to witness the impressive power of King Kong as he shoots a large helicopter that crosses his path.

Other innovations in Rainforest mode are:

Kong crystals: Crystals “dropped” by King Kong can be used to increase movement speed and jump height. Players can have a more dynamic movement experience with these crystals.

PvE: In this mode, King Kong will frantically attack smaller monsters with pieces of wood, leaving an opening with resources that can be captured.

Apex Features: There will be resources (such as airdrop boxes) at Apex Exploration Team camps. As soon as Kong moves into the camp, he will start hitting the ground and thus opening resource boxes.

Mechagodzilla arrives in Livik

Much like Godzilla and Kong, Mechagodzilla’s presence will require players to make the best use of their abilities to escape Livik. While this Titan doesn’t move, it does unleash a purple beam from its body if anyone gets too close, dealing massive damage. In addition, he can also create an electromagnetic radiation zone that, if a player is inside it, reveals his location to everyone. To compensate for the vulnerability, damage dealt to enemies is increased.