PUBG Mobile: Unknown Cash refills with Razer Gold have up to 70% bonus.

PUBG Mobile fans have one more reason to invest in their gaming in the coming days. In partnership with Razer, players who purchase Unknwn Caash (virtual currency of the game) using Razer Gold can receive up to 70% bonus converted into more in-game money. This is a smart way to encourage the use of virtual currencies, since many are those who are already really willing to spend within the game.

For those unfamiliar, Razer Gold is the virtual currency used by the brand of gaming accessories. This coin is used in conjunction with Razer Silver, a points system to maintain a close relationship with players, often giving benefits to players who prove to be a true fan of the brand. This initiative, in partnership with PUGB Mobile, is yet another way to please players.

How will this promotion work?

This partnership between Razer and PUBG Mobile started on the 9th and runs through March 15th. During this period, the player who purchases a PIN online or a Razer Gold gift card and uses it to acquire Unknown Cash will earn a bonus in the game’s own currency.

PUBG Mobile: Unknown Cash refills with Razer Gold have up to 70% bonus

Those who buy R $ 10 from Unknown Cash using Razer Gold, for example, receive 10% more coins, while those who spend R $ 20 to R $ 30 will have 43% more UC and so on. The bonus, obviously, gets bigger as more Unknown Cash is purchased, reaching up to 70% using the brand’s currency, or 55% using a gift card or PIN. The following table helps us understand the progression of rewards:

Then, with the PIN in hand, just choose the UC package you want on Midasbuy, the PUBG Mobile shopping page, enter your player ID and select the Razer Pin as your payment method. Once the purchase is made, just confirm it in your Razer Gold account.

PUBG Mobile: Unknown Cash refills with Razer Gold have up to 70% bonus

The gamer accessories brand highlights that this promotion is already valid for recharges using a Razer Gold PIN. The bonus can be purchased online or through gift cards purchased at stores such as Lojas Americanas, Extra, Pão de Açúcar, Saraiva, Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and BIG.

In addition to gift cards, players can enjoy the benefits of Razer Gold by loading their accounts on the website, using recharge machines at 300,000 points throughout Brazil, and through bank slips and deposits in lotteries, ensuring the completion of these transactions within 30 minutes thanks to LevPay technology.

PUBG Mobile: Unknown Cash refills with Razer Gold have up to 70% bonus

In addition to the immediate advantage, that is, in addition to the bonuses earned when purchasing UC, the player accumulates Razer Silvers with each purchase made with Razer Gold, which can be exchanged for Razer products and peripherals, games on STEAM, items and accessories in more than 33 thousand games.