PUBG Nations Cup | Brazil is in 13th; Russia are champions.

In the battle between the greatest talents of the world PUBG in the country of electronic sports, gave Russia. In a surprising and exciting outcome, the Russian team performed exceptionally on the decisive day of the PUBG Nations Cup, defeated South Korea and lifted the champion’s trophy in front of the South Korean crowd in Seoul. Brazil, defended by RED Canids Kalunga and FURIA Esports players and by the Black Dragons e-Sports coach, was in 13th place.

The international championship of nations took place at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul, the South Korean capital, a reference in esports competitions, and was attended by 16 teams, representatives from five continents. US $ 500 thousand (equivalent to approximately R $ 1.8 million) in prizes were distributed.

In the three days of dispute, from Friday (9) to Sunday (11), the teams faced each other in 15 games, five a day, on the Erangel and Miramar maps.

PUBG Nations Cup |  Brazil is in 13th;  Russia are champions

With the support of the public, South Korea dominated practically the entire tournament, even without winning any of the matches, but collapsed with the approach of Russia in an exciting final stretch.

The Russians, who started the third day in 3rd place with 69 points, scored 58 and took the lead. In games in which South Korea fell early, Russia won a victory and a 2nd place. The definition of the champion was for the 15th match, with a difference of only 2 points from the South Korean team over the Russian.

PUBG Nations Cup |  Brazil is in 13th;  Russia are champions

In the last match, while Russia managed seven eliminations, Korea left without slaughter. With this difference, the Russians reached 127 points, of which 78 for eliminations, and they kept the title and the prize of US $ 100 thousand. South Korea scored 122, 79 of them due to slaughter, and finished with the vice.

Despite the decisive duel against the South Koreans, the Russian player Roman “ADOUZ1E” Zinoviev made a point of exalting the other participating teams and the Korean fans, in the press conference given by the champion team. “We are not only playing against Korea, but against 15 other nations. I have no special feeling about beating the South Koreans, but I am very happy for our achievement ”.

PUBG Nations Cup |  Brazil is in 13th;  Russia are champions

Brazil was in 13th place, with 62 points, being 43 for eliminations and 19 for the positions in the matches. With better results, the selection won a 4th place and a 2nd.

For the coach of the Brazilian national team, Lucas “Nananga” Strada, the performance was below expectations. He highlighted, however, the efforts of Brazilians. “We could have been in the top 10 quietly. It was a learning experience. I think the staff felt the inexperience a little and we stopped making points in matches that we could have scored more. But everyone did the best and the best. We show that we can exchange with the people here ”.

PUBG Nations Cup |  Brazil is in 13th;  Russia are champions

The players and coach who played for Brazil were chosen through online voting. Pro-players and coaches who competed in the second phase of the LATAM PUBG Pro Series (LPPS), the official competitive circuit of PUBG in Latin America, were able to vote and be voted.

Final classification:
1st – Russia – 127 points / 78 kills – US $ 100,000
2nd – South Korea – 122 points / 79 kills – US $ 58,000
3rd – Canada – 106 points / 61 kills – US $ 50,000
4th – Vietnam – 103 points / 62 kills – US $ 44,000
5th – Germany – 102 points / 56 kills – US $ 38,000
6th – Thailand – 96 points / 67 kills – US $ 34,000
7th – Chinese Taipei – 92 points / 61 kills – US $ 30,000
8th – China – 87 points / 61 kills – US $ 26,000
9th – Argentina – 79 points / 55 kills – US $ 22,000
10th – United States – 69 points / 47 kills – US $ 20,000
11th – Japan – 69 points / 42 kills – US $ 18,000
12th – Turkey – 68 points / 43 kills – US $ 16,000
13th – Brazil – 62 points / 43 kills – US $ 14,000
14th – Australia – 61 points / 36 kills – $ 12,000
15th – United Kingdom – 57 points / 39 kills – $ 10,000
16th – Finland – 56 points / 44 kills – $ 8,000